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Bad Dog

Dear Editor:

On the evening of June 23, a very disturbing incident occurred on Beach 137 St. My sister and I and our two dogs were attacked by an unfit neighbor’s known vicious pit bull, who has attacked others before, only three houses away from home. My sister was bitten on the face, and I sprained my wrist trying to save our dogs. We both had to go to the ER and our dogs needed emergency vet care.

Many thanks to the courageous neighbors and our husbands who were able to force the pitbull to the ground and restrain the dog for at least 15 minutes until Police Emergency Service arrived and took the vicious dog to the appropriate Health Dept facility (case # Q4010103 Veterinary Health Services Tel# 646-364-175 or 646-364 1799). The owner was at the scene appeared inebriated and yelling at the police. He did nothing to help. There is no doubt the injuries to all would have been insurmountable if help did not arrive at that moment.

Many neighbors have had similar incidents over the last five years.

Have you been attacked? Do you want to make sure this dog is not returned to her unfit owner? Please call or email (Veterinary Health Services Tel# 646-364-1799 or animalbites@health.nyc.gov) and share your story/concerns.

It is certain that the Health Dept., unless they are convinced that this dog is a threat, will be released to this unfit owner in the next few days.

Please keep your children, family and pets in our community safe from this unfit owner and vicious dog! Thank you for your help,

Jennifer Higgins

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