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Wrestle Talk: Wrestling News & Tips of Becoming a Pro

 This has been another interesting week in Pro Wrestling so let’s dive right in to the news!

We start with news from the WWE. During a recent live event in Sacramento, California it was reported that WWE Superstar Natalya apparently broke character during her match against Liv Morgan and Ronda Rousey. Apparently, Liv Morgan hit Natalya with her finishing move and after the three count, Natalya stood up and began yelling at Liv Morgan and walked off back to the locker room. At this time, we are unsure why or if there is any heat between the two superstars. But reports are saying the incident was immediately cleared up after the match in the back by WWE Management.

We have an update on the current WWE Scandal involving Vince McMahon and Non-Disclosure Agreement Payments. A recent departure from one of the company’s Board of Directors Mr. Connor Schell has been reported as highly suspicious since he left right before the WWE Board of Directors announced that it was investigating the WWE CEO over alleged hush money payments. Many within and outside the company, feel he may have been the person who leaked the Vince McMahon Non-Disclosure Agreements to the New York Times but it’s important to note that there is absolutely no evidence of Connor Schell’s departure being related to the Vince McMahon scandal. We will continue to keep you posted.

Recently, I have been getting a lot of emails about people interested in becoming professional wrestlers. I have written about this in past columns, and I feel it’s important for those who want to follow a career in Sports Entertainment to know what to do and what you will be up against. First and foremost, make sure to finish your education and/or have a secondary trade you can fall back on just in case you do not make it in the business. Second, find a reputable Pro Wrestling to attend. It’s important to learn the basics of wrestling, which is important for your overall growth in the business. Third, invest in proper wrestling gear once the time for you to perform comes. Pro wrestling is all about presentation. Wou want to make sure you look the part you are portraying. Be prepared to pay your dues in this business once you start, you will not be making a lot of money. So, invest in yourself and keep a steady training regimen in the gym and in the ring. Keep a resume and contacts of promotions you have worked for. Remember, as a Pro Wrestler, you are your own product so you will need to invest in yourself as much as possible in the form of Pictures and Videos. This is a small glimpse of what you will be facing during your path of becoming a Professional Wrestler.

Thank you for all the questions and keep sending them in to eavil183@yahoo.com and have a great weekend!

By Eric Jayden

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