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Ever since I was a kid, I have loved to watch television. I am not particular either. I have always loved 60 Minutes, CBS Sunday Morning, Reality TV, thrillers, romance, you name it I have enjoyed it. I remember as a small child waiting patiently for TV Guide to be delivered so I could see what each of my shows was going to be about that week. I also remember being disappointed when after the summary it said, “Repeat.” I was also disappointed when my strict mother also read the summary and said, “Beth Ann, you cannot watch The Facts of Life this week, the content is inappropriate for someone your age.”

So, now as an adult, I cannot be happier that television shows do not end after May sweeps. We have television shows to watch all year long. I have so many to watch I have a “note” page in my phone to keep track. And if you miss a show, do not worry, you can On-Demand it, DVR it the next time it is on or go to one of the many streaming sites we all now purchase. Thank you to the cable sites for providing “summer series.”

My most recent favorite binge watch was The Offer. This show is about a young producer trying to get The Godfather made. Starring Miles Teller as a young new producer Al Ruddy, the show is so interesting with the real-life people and the interesting story behind the difficulty in getting one of the most popular movies ever made.

Television is something that unites us. It is something you can do as a family; you can discuss on the beach and swap what shows you can watch next. Even my students get excited when I watch a show they watch and will ask me what episode I am up to and what I think of the characters.

I even love the educational aspect of television. If not for television, I would not have learned about how beautiful the landscape is in Absaroka County, Wyoming. I also never would have known how much crime that Absaroka Sheriff’s office deals with! I also loved the show Turn: Washington’s Spies. I know the basic details about the American Revolution, but I had no idea about the Culpepper Spy Ring, an integral part of the war and that it all took place in Long Island.

People often ask me, “How do you have time to watch so much television?” Well, even if I am folding laundry, I will place it on the bed and turn on the TV! Multitasking at its finest!

I am currently enjoying Emily in Paris, about a young American marketing executive from Chicago. Good thing I have been there, because after I watch a show, I want to travel to that location. Currently on the bucket list is the country from Longmire, Bozeman, Montana from Yellowstone, and the Scottish Highlands from Outlander.

What is on your must watch list? Email me and let me know (I have too many to list!)

Have a great week everyone!

 By Beth Hanning

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