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Blessed With Seaside Living

 Summertime in Rockaway Beach is full of great energy and so many wonderful happenings. It truly is our time to shine and enjoy the company of good friends and family. We are blessed to live near the water and be in a community where we feel safe and happy.  There are also times we feel exhausted from the busyness of our social calendar. It’s a gift to know when to stay home and rest your body and mind. FOMO is a real thing and we don’t want to miss anything. My Mom always did her best to tell us we need not be at every party but we sure did try to attend most of them.

Life is short and every year on July 14, I am reminded of the untimely death of my baby brother, John Timlin. He was only 22 years old and was killed in an automobile accident. It would be devastating and life changing for my family. We would be crushed and learn to rebuild a life without John. My Mom would die two years later, perhaps from a broken heart. I write about this life lesson because it is John who taught us there are no guarantees in life. Here today and gone tomorrow. Live life as if this was your last day. My siblings are fun, happy people with big hearts always remembering our brother John. We all love and respect one another and take nothing for granted. That doesn’t mean we don’t argue about certain things but we have unconditional love for one another. Losing a brother teaches you to hold your loved ones close but live a life worth living.  We were blessed with a strong foundation from our loving parents.

I was speaking to my dear friend and neighbor, Joan Moors who has lived a long life and has so much wisdom and experience that she often shares with me. She teaches me something new every time I speak to her. I am in awe of her zest for life and how she moves around like a twenty-year-old.  Joan tells me she chooses to live life rather than just exist. She goes to church every day and has lots of good friends. On this one day she looks me in the eye and says, always speak to your children and let go of any grudges.  Always keep your faith and stay close to God. We are connected by something greater than ourselves. All you have to do is look up in the sky and know I am here.  Grateful to have Joan as my neighbor.

Each of us has had some terrible loss and my wish for you is to know there is more in life than what we can see. Only the good die young. If you have someone you are grieving for, please know they are safe and home. My brother John was a great guy who lived a full life in the short 22 years he was with us on earth. He is our guardian angel. I believe in guardian angels and feel the presence right here in Rockaway Beach by the ocean. So yes, we are blessed to live by the water.

May you find your happiness, May you reside in peace, May you never suffer and live life well.

By Helen Kilgallen

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