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Public Safety on Top for Tom

 Dear Editor:

 Public Safety is at the forefront of Tom Sullivans’ 2022 Campaign. With the passage of “No-Cash Bail” tucked away in a budget vote in the State government, citizens of our city and state barely had a say in its passage, how’s that for transparency? I would strongly argue that the passage of bail elimination for certain crimes has proven dangerous for the people of Queens and our City as a whole.

Tom Sullivan is running for New York State’s 23rd Assembly District, which represents the Rockaways, Breezy Point, Broad Channel, Howard Beach, Lindenwood and Ozone Park.

Tom Sullivan is advocating for his Constituents’ safety and an advocate for the NYPD with his policy, action and words. I know that his passion for the safety and well-being of everyone in our district is paramount. This comes from his experience as a parent, small business owner, and an officer in the United States Army, where “Good Order and Discipline” are essential.

 Repealing the “No-Cash Bail” law in its entirety is priority #1 for Tom. Electing a fighter and an advocate like Tom Sullivan will be the first step towards reversing these disastrous policies that make our city less safe. The son of a NYPD Detective (Ret.), brother of Federal, State and City law enforcement officers, coupled with Tom’s military experience leaves no question where he stands on “Law and Order.”

His experience as a financial professional and a small business owner will be exactly what we need in Albany to correct the out-of-control spending and misappropriation of funds.

Tom believes that we have a duty and responsibility to be good stewards of the taxpayers’ funds. The role of the government is to protect the people, educational opportunities, public health and sanitation, and infrastructure and transportation.

This November 8th, elect a proven leader, established financial professional and small business owner to represent you in Albany. Tom has a saying, “Before you go out and represent the people in your community, you should have walked a mile in their shoes.” Tom is a political outsider with vast experience who has proven his ability to work with all people for the good of his employer, his community and the nation.

Thomas Willis

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