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You weren’t sure if it would ever happen. It was months ago that I showed you houses for sale; months ago that you signed the contract to purchase the house which you chose. You’ve been busy sorting out which items to take and which items to leave behind. Packing can be a challenge. You may have had to supply your mortgage broker (probably Ken Weiss at Diversified Funding, 718-748-5737) with some final documentation for the mortgage bank – this is not unusual.

Just days ago, the call came in from your attorney that you are closing in four days (they usually don’t give you too much advance notice of the exact closing date). The sellers, the seller’s attorney, the bank attorney, you and your attorney are all available on the same day! In some cases, a “power of attorney” can be utilized if you can’t get there on THAT day and you need someone to cover for you (a relative?). There are lots of last minute things to take care of: call your moving company, call PSEG and National Grid, and call your cable company,etc.

We scheduled your final “walk through” of the new home, and last night we went there to gain some additional familiarity with all the systems – light switches, alarm, sprinkler, timer, etc. Call me. Love, Robin

By Robin Shapiro

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