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Wrestle Talk: Vince McMahon Retires!

So, the biggest news in the world of Pro Wrestling is the announcement that Vince McMahon will be retiring from not only running the WWE but apparently from wrestling business altogether. The shocking news, reported this past Monday July 25, at the age of 77 Vince K. McMahon is retiring as announced on his Twitter page. Since, the announcement of his retirement, speculations have been running rampant on the reason(s) why.

By now everyone in the wrestling world and in the business community already knows that Vince McMahon is currently under investigation by the Board of Directors for the WWE, for alleged “Hush Money Payments” involving his alleged relationship with WWE Staff and Non-Disclosure Agreements. But I have to say, I did not expect Mr. McMahon to retire and leave the business altogether. But yes its true, Vince will soon be gone, but will he and when?

It is common knowledge that the WWE overall success was driven by Vince McMahon and any talks about his departure from the company would most definitely affect stock prices of the company. But the name McMahon will still be around the WWE, as his daughter Stephanie McMahon is currently the Interim CEO and his son in law Triple HHH has been brought back into his VP of Creative position. So, Vince McMahon will still have influence in the product he helped build.

But how much interest will he be able to control? Right now, Vince owns about 80 percent of the company’s shares and even if he is dismissed from his position by the Board of Directors, will Vince totally walk away from the wrestling business and the WWE completely? I say No, as I feel that Vince McMahon will have a difficult time leaving the business he helped grow. He will definitely keep his influences as long as his daughter and son in the law are involved in some capacity. Many questions have been pouring in about his retirement and how I feel about it and I have trouble believing that Vince will truly walk away from the WWE. This is all breaking news so we have a lot of details coming in but we will continue to follow up and keep you all informed as more information keeps coming out.

Please send your questions in to eavil183@yahoo.com and have a great weekend!

 By Eric Jayden

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