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You’ll find prosperity and good fortune are within your reach this month, Aries. Challenges will be overcome if you maintain a positive attitude.

Lucky beaches: 72,84, 23


 Clear boundaries need to be established in order to keep things running smoothly between you and your loved ones. Take time to really listen this month.

Lucky beaches: 99,107, 52


Go after the things you most desire this month, Gemini. When you put your mind towards your goals this month, your work will pay off.

Lucky beaches: 78, 109, 65


 Are you itching to create something beautiful, Cancer? Use that creative energy and show the world what’s been going on in your head.

Lucky beaches: 45,119,56


 Happy Birthday you divine thing! This year you have been learning to love yourself and it’s finally paying off. You deserve respect so don’t settle for anything less. True love is still worth searching for.

 Lucky beaches: 115,116,109


 You may feel more sensual this month, Virgo. Get in touch with a friend from the past who may have a secret to tell you.

Lucky beaches: 78,49,110


Use discipline to manifest the things you want. It isn’t selfish to look for more in this life, so don’t let the opinions of others influence you.

Lucky beaches: 88,70,134


 Is change in the air? Take your time and don’t let other people’s anxiety cause you to rush into anything you aren’t ready for.

Lucky beaches: 90,115,128


 Don’t waste your time with situations that aren’t healthy for you. You may find it hard to get motivated this month. This is a good time to lay low.

Lucky beaches: 74,91,117


 Love is calling you! Be bold and take chances in relationships and it’ll pay off big time. Just remember that real love takes work.

Lucky beaches: 122, 55, 43


Listen to the feedback the others around you are giving. Are you attempting to move too quickly in your relationship or career? Remember that the right things take time.

Lucky beaches: 116,78,112


 Are you projecting your faults onto another person in your life? Take time to actually listen to your heart. One night of quiet and self-care each week can help you stay sane and balanced.

Lucky beaches: 115, 59, Coney Island.

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