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Supporting Supplements

Dear Editor:

(In response to Ask the Doc) Disappointed that supplements were dismissed at a time when supporting our immune systems is vital, while being expected to take emergency DNA injections.

Using one agency as the source of disparaging supplements at the time that Senator Durbin is trying to pass a law that would mandate supplements to become prescription drugs appears to show a conflict in the industry.

Healing through less expensive supplements and off patent generic drugs may not be appealing to Big Pharma profits and doctors trained in the Rockefeller paradigm of the medical profession have no education and training in using supplements and naturally may be skeptical.

Thousands of peer reviewed medical studies show how vital supplements are to the functioning of the whole body. Please pass the Vitamin C and the Vitamin D with Magnesium. A general multivitamin may not have the punch of taking numerous preferred supplements. Glutathione is also the master antioxidant. “Ask your doctor about Glutathione,” as the commercial goes.

Joseph Mugivan

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