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Facts You Probably don’t Need

  • The movie John Wick was directed by two of Keanu Reeves’ former stunt doubles.


  • The first recorded use of the name ‘Jessica’ was in a play written by William Shakespeare.


  • In March of 1846, a ‘dead’ Egyptian snail was put on display in the British Museum. Five years later, the snail moved, and they discovered it had been alive the whole time.


  • Hans Island is a disputed territory between Canada and Denmark. When the Danish visit, they leave a bottle of Schnapps for the Canadians. When the Canadians visit, they leave a bottle of Canadian Club for the Danish.


  • The Scottish Army tried to take advantage of the Black Plague in England through an invasion but caught it themselves and brought it back to Scotland, killing half of the native population.


  • Taco Bell has the fastest drive-thru in the US, at an average of 4 minutes and 28 seconds per order.


  • In 1998, Marvel offered the movie rights to nearly all of its characters to Sony  for just $25 million. Sony declined and only purchased the rights to Spiderman for $10 million. Sony believed he was the only character audiences would care about.


            Facts from Sean McVeigh, factologist.

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