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No Parking Service

Dear Editor:

Consider four women in their 80s arriving a little late for a theatre performance at Fort Tilden. On one of the hottest days of the year they come out to find their car is gone. Stolen?

Consider a man out for bike ride with his nine-year-old daughter through our lovely historic national park there. They ride back and find…their car is gone. Stolen?

Consider who knows how many visitors coming to enjoy the cultural, sports, historic, serene shore, natural and otherwise amazing attraction of the national park in our own Rockaway backyard.

Then finding themselves stranded, who know how far from their homes. Not because of thieves. But because the National Park Service and National Park Police have ticketed and towed their vehicles away. And there are no signs to tell them this or who to call or where to get their car back— for a sizeable fee.

They should have had a parking permit, you say. And how would they know this? By passing a crowded sign at the entrance that nobody could fully read even driving at 10 mph. The part about ticketing and towing is all the way at the bottom.

Also, unlike previous years there are no summer Rangers asking people where they are going, informing them about the restrictive summer parking.

This is a National Park. Our National Park. Open to all. Why the strong arm on people who just want to come and actually enjoy it? Stranding seniors and parents out with their children? It is not a good look NPS. Not a good look at all.

If you want people to not park, how about putting two big signs right at the end of the T4 parking field, saying ‘Don’t Park Here. You Will Be Towed.’

Or how about rethinking your whole approach from encouraging people to never come back to our beautiful national park to welcoming them to enjoy our Rockaway to the fullest?

Dan Guarino

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