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Wrestle Talk: Your Questions!

This week we will answer questions sent in by you, the fans!

The first Question of the Week comes from William S. in Rockaway Park and he said, “There are rumors that the WWE will start to expand the NXT Brand from the UK to other countries. Do you have any information?” Yes William, I have heard that the NXT UK Brand will be shut down to be reopened as a new bigger brand and there are renewed talks of opening the NXT Brands in other countries. So, this is exciting news but again these are just talks. We will have to wait and see if further NXT Brands are opened throughout the world.

The second Question of the Week comes from David T. in South Ozone Park, and he said, “I read your column about Ric Flair’s last match and I also read a lot of negative comments on social media about the match but I liked the match overall. I feel people were too negative, sorry this is sort of a question/comment.” Hey David, I totally understand and listen, I agree. I think way too many people went into this match with high expectations of seeing a late ‘90s Ric Flair. I feel he did his best at his current age and the fans should had viewed this as a nostalgic thing. But overall I found the match good and it gave Ric Flair his last match. Now, he should not do another one. As I feel it will hurt his overall career.

The third Question of the Week comes from Stephen C. in Rockaway Beach and he said, “I saw that Johnny Gargano made his return to the WWE at Monday Night RAW. Do you think they will use him properly this time around?” Good question Stephen, but the question is did they not use him properly before when he was in NXT? I have to say they did use him properly. He received and earned a big push while he was with the brand. He was incredibly popular but now that he is back and on RAW, I’m a little hesitant to say if he will be placed in productive story lines. I can only hope he does so again as he is very popular with the fans.

The fourth and final Question of the Week comes from Alaun H. in Arverne and he says, “My family hates that I watch wrestling, they say it’s fake and why watch it but I tell them I enjoy it! Can you tell them to leave me alone!” Lol! Ok, Alaun my friend I have to say you are not the only person that has faced this issue from family or friends or both. Listen, wrestling is a show and it’s a show where you can suspend your disbelief and enjoy the characters and stories being performed. Keep watching wrestling, there is nothing wrong with it. Enjoy!

Thank you for the great questions sent in and please keep on sending them to eavil183@yahoo.com Have a great weekend!

By Eric Jayden

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