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Taking Time Off

It’s been a beautiful summer with so many moments of awe and beauty. If you are lucky enough to take a mini vacation, you have reset your nervous system and are now ready for the coming Fall. We are blessed here in Rockaway to live by the ocean in a tightly knit community that supports one another when things get tough. Many of you have suffered from loss and we continue to send our loving prayers your way. Healing takes time. Having seen much loss this past summer, we begin to treasure our moments together, knowing this is all we have at this time.

Every year, my husband and I escape to Lake George for a few days. First, we stop at Saratoga to make our yearly donation at the track. It’s an amazing experience with so many people coming from all walks of life. I like to make bets based on the jockeys and of course the names of the horses. You win some and definitely lose more! But it’s fun to watch the horses. They are extraordinary animals with such strength and grace. Thoughts of how the horses are treated always goes through my mind.  Are they treated with love and kindness?

Driving to the lake after the races brings us to a complete opposite setting where there is quiet and peace. We always try to go to a small rustic hotel or resort on the lake and this year we got really lucky having a private balcony on the lake. We swam, kayaked, stand up paddled and then rested on the lounge chairs just looking out at God’s art work. Mountains surrounding the calm lake with nothing to do but bask in the beauty. Gratitude that year after year we spend some quality time by ourselves. Each year we say to one another, the kids would love it up here but then we are not sure if they would know how to live without TV, Internet, phones, etc.  Well, we actually did have good WiFi but it would be nice to be without electronic devices and be in nature with one another. But I like my peace and quiet with just the two of us.

We are grateful each year because we know this could be our last year. There are no guarantees in life and after a year of seeing so many people pass on, we have decided to live life to it’s fullest. I am realizing yoga is not my life but yoga has given me a brilliant life. It has taught me how to be mindful and present with each moment. The people in the yoga community are an amazing group of individuals who have become my best friends. We are blessed to have one another and know that yoga is a part of our lives but what is most important is our family and friends. May you choose to say Yes to this life. Travel, spend time with family, do what makes you happy. We have this one crazy life to live so my wish for you is to be happy, healthy and content. We do not need much to make us happy, we only need the intention to live life to its’ fullest.

By Helen Kilgallen

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