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Facts You Probably don’t Need

  • In the 1957 film “12 Angry Men,” the focal length of the lenses in the camera used were gradually increased to create a feeling of claustrophobia.


  • Almost all chickens eaten today come from the winner of the 1948 ‘Chicken of Tomorrow’ contest whose genetics now dominate poultry farms worldwide.


  • Vikings used ravens to navigate. They brought ravens aboard their ships, then released them and sailed in the same direction to find land. The raven was so important to them that it became the symbol on their flag. This practice of releasing ravens was continued into the 18th century.


  • One of Billie Eilish’s middle names is Pirate. Her full name is Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O’Connell.


  • In 1943, after a worldwide search, a mouldy cantaloupe in a Peoria, Illinois market was found to contain the best strain of penicillin for mass production.


  • In 1978, the-NBA center Clifford Ray saved a dolphin’s life by using his 45-inch hand to grab a screw the dolphin had swallowed. He received instructions over the phone from a veterinarian, who told him how to reach up and into the dolphin’s second stomach to extract the screw.


Facts from Sean McVeigh, factologist.


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