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Feeling Alright

By Paulette Mancuso

What does it take to feel alright every day? A great check-in is assessing how we feel when we first wake up. Not only in reference to being well-rested or getting enough sleep, but also mood-, sensory-, energy-wise. And then thinking back on the day before and to see how a good thing you did, for example, like eat well, helped you to feel healthy with energy the next morning. And, on the flip side, how what something you may have done or engaged in, made you feel less than healthy or sad the next morning. Seems so obvious, yet we sometimes don’t really pay attention.

The thing is to make is to make mental or physical notes about these feelings to identify what could be adjusted so that life that becomes healthy, happy and whole.  Minor adjustments here and there to sort of straighten out the path from curvy and meandering to straight and narrow:  easily traveled and focused – a life of ease and contentment and peace.  Working out the kinks, harmonizing the energy.

Waking up feeling weak; well, maybe seek out ways to gain physical strength. Waking up feeling sad; seek out beauty in nature, in a child. Waking up feeling sluggish; look at what you ate the day before and had eaten a few days before (when your gut is healthy, boy, can you feel it). And it really is a series of adjustments and re-adjustments and well-intentioned changes of habit that don’t serve anymore. And it is always changing so we are pretty much in a state of adjusting or reorganizing something pretty much all of the time.

Just making it a practice to check in with oneself every day, no matter when it is, is so important – I know I often mention it here. Being self-aware then actively practicing loving compassion to oneself is the key to this freedom of taking care of oneself in the best possible way. I often said guiding yoga classes: when we are happy, healthy and whole, we can be there for others. It is such a marvelous feeling to feel and care for someone from a place of full and utter compassion and gratitude.

I am coming to know that being intentional about everything I do serves me very well. It gives me a chance to think before I speak and act and that gives a second glance to making sure I speak and act out of love peace and joy.  Well as much as I can do.  What a balancing act. What a continuously changing path. Being intentional about moderating every day so that my morning rises are graceful and pleasant. If they aren’t, checking in to see what adjustment(s) can be made to get to feeling alright.

May you be happy. May you be free. May you be compassionate. May you be grateful. May you let go of things that do not serve you. May you have inner peace.

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