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Wrestle Talk: Wrestling News & A Live Appearance

So, we have more news regarding the CM Punk incident last week that we reported. At this time, Tony Khan, the owner of All Elite Wrestling has suspended everyone involved in the situation, that would include CM Punk, Kenny Omega, Colt Cabana, Ace Steele, The Young Bucks and a number of other talents involved in the physical altercation. There are also reports that some talent will not be returning as they may be let go from the company completely.

The issue I see here is that even with Tony Khan having Kenny Omega, Nick and Matt Jackson as Vice Presidents, he (Tony Khan) has stretched himself out too thin. One person cannot run a wrestling company, it’s impossible! Tony needs to delegate more of the responsibilities that he had taken upon himself to others. He needs to hire more experienced wrestling people to help him run AEW. In addition, AEW has hired a third-party firm to further investigate the whole incident. Like always, we will keep you posted.

The Question of the Week comes from Danny K, in Rockaway Park and he asked “Now, that Triple HHH is back and is the Chief Content Officer in charge of Creative, do you believe his return will make a difference with WWE Programming and televised views?” Great question, Danny, and I most definitely do believe that Triple HHH will start making positive changes to not only the roster but to current and future storylines. I already hear many positive things from his current creative decisions he has made.

Ok, for the many people who are always asking me where they can see me perform live…. This Saturday, September 17, I will be performing for 1CW Pro Wrestling in Houston, Delaware. Matches already announced are 1CW Championship Match Myles Millennium (c) vs Sam Beale – 1CW Work Horse Champion Chris Wylde vs Breaux Keller – A #1 Contenders Match between LSG vs Killian McMurphy and the Main Event will feature myself, Eric Jayden vs Japanese Hardcore Legend from the FMW and WING Promotions – FMW Leatherface. This match is billed as two cancer aurvivors fighting it out to bring awareness to this horrible disease. Tickets for this event are available by contacting 410-829-1114.

Thank you everyone for your questions and support.  Please send any questions to eavil183@yahoo.com have a great weekend!

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