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I was making “spaghetti pomodoro” last Friday night after a heartwarming FT call.  Fresh tomatoes from the garden, onion, olive oil, salt, pepper and fresh dried oregano. Water is boiling for spaghetti. Aroma is moving through the music. And I thought about how long it was simmering and how really:  all good things take time. These tomatoes need to bask and simmer in the slightly caramelized onions – coarsely chopped, not finely.  The tomatoes are hearty and sweet at the same time as I will come to taste soon.

If I were rushing this, I could boil it up; that is not the way, though, if I want it to be of quality – taste good. So it simmers slowly and gets a gentle stir now and again. All good things take time. I have slowly come to understand this with something that was an idea, then a concept, then developing. There is a pace to every thing, and the pace is always different so we can’t expect things to move along if all the steps have not been climbed. All good things take time.

If we take the “rush” out of what we do, be in the moment, then, we feel better. My experience. I know I have a calm demeanor. Maybe slow. I was checking out at a kiosk in the airport, and I couldn’t understand how much the person was telling me the water was – so I asked her to repeat it. The person behind me on line, a young person, yelled it out. I turned around and thanked her. When my transaction was finished, I asked her if she thought that I was slow because I was older – that I was just curious. And she said that she was sorry and “we’re just in a rush.”  Whether she just said that, and she really did think she had to help the older lady out, I will never know.  But it got me thinking. And this is what I got from that experience. What we have have (yes, there are 2 haves editor) to take in is that a minute is a minute and how you live that minute determines your well-being.

Think about it. If you are chopping an onion – let’s face it you probably have a pace for how you chop an onion and you probably don’t do it faster or slower.  But if you approach it in a rushed way, like, I have to get this onion chopped asap -ugh ugh ugh… or if you just tune in to some music you have on or another pleasantry, that minute of you chopping is the same minute. So why not slow in to it? (Meaning sinking into the moment – the moment is still the moment, you are just relaxed in it.) Things will become less superficial also.  Experiences could feel fuller.  All good things take time.

May you be happy. May you be free. May you be grateful. May you be compassionate. May you let go of things that do not serve you. May you have inner peace.

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