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Wrestle Talk: Your Questions!

So, this week we have received tons of emails with tons of questions so let’s get into some of them!

First Question of the Week comes from David H. in Rockaway Park and he asked, “Do you have any updates on Maxwell Jacob Friedman in AEW?” Well, David, I actually do have some news! It appears that MJF has signed a New Deal with All Elite Wrestling but as per MJF, he still has plans on becoming a free agent in January 2024. The new deal was in fact for additional money to be added to his existing contract. So, you will still be seeing MJF in AEW until Jan 2024.

The Second Question of the Week comes from Rebecca S. in Far Rockaway, and she asked, “Are the rumors going around true about Bray Wyatt coming back to the WWE?” Rebecca, all I know is that recently at WWE Live Events, fans have reported hearing a spooky and psychedelic music. The song by Jefferson Airplane “White Rabbit” has been playing during commercial breaks giving the impression of a possible Bray Wyatt return. Now, if this is true, this would be huge for the WWE. Let’s see what happens!

The Third Question of the Week comes from Jeffrey T. in Howard Beach and he asked, “What is your favorite type of match in wrestling?” Jeffrey, my favorite type of match is War Games! It is a match with two Rings covered with a steel cage from top to bottom and the participants join the match in 3-minute intervals. I loved watching the War Games Matches from the Old NWA Days! As, a matter of fact this year’s Survivor Series PPV will feature two War Games Matches.

The Fourth and Final Question of the Week comes from Jason L. in Five Towns, LI and he asked, “Do you remember during the ‘80s,  a cartoon that had the WWF (back then) Superstars?” Jason, I believe that was Hulk Hogan’s Rock n Wrestling, which was a show that featured, Hulk Hogan, Big John Studd, Tito Santana, Iron Sheik, Roddy Piper and a host of the stars from that era. One of my favorite wrestling cartoons and I wish they still aired it.


Thank you all for the amazing questions this week! Please keep sending them in to eavil183@yahoo.com and have a great weekend!

By Eric Jayden

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