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Facts You Probably don’t Need

  • Chopsticks were initially created for cooking, not as an eating utensil.


  • The pound cake originally had a literal pound of each ingredient.


  • Lord Byron, the famous romantic era poet, was the father of Ada Lovelace, who is widely known as the mother of computing. A portrait of her is the authenticity hologram on Microsoft products.


  • Each year Scotland exports over one billion bottles of Scotch. In 2020, 36 bottles of Scotch were shipped out every second, totaling over 1.14 billion bottles.


  •  The iconic chef’s hat is called a “toque.”


  • Whisky stored in barrels evaporates at an approximate rate of 2% a year. This is referred to as “the angels’ share.”


  •  The fear of cooking is called “mageirocophobia.”


  • Real Scotch whisky must be produced and matured entirely in Scotland.

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