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Autumn Equinox is here. A time of new beginnings. This transition has been said to be highly spiritual. A time of release and renewal. Intense transformation for many of us as we learn to live with less sunlight and prepare to go inside. We begin to reflect on the past and plan carefully for the winter.  As our earth begins to change, so do our bodies. You may have already begun to feel the effects of the changing season. Slowing down, preparing home cooked meals, spending time at home and beginning once again is how we begin.

The equinox translates to balance, there will be equal time of day and night. It’s a beautiful moment to pause. Night grows longer and it truly is a time to withdraw within your interior world. Maybe do less instead of filling the social calendar with events. Slow down, take this time to pause, reflect and observe what works for your well-being. Socialization is great but it can be overload when you schedule too much. This is a great time to take inventory on what is working and what does not serve your well-being.

My practice of intention setting has been a daily practice for as long as I can remember.   Since I started to do yoga, I always gather my hands together in prayer to set an intention for the day. Energy follows intention and often I leave the studio with a feeling of positivity. Full of gratitude, knowing we are sending out waves of healing. The Bhagavad Gita tells us to the do the work, be responsible for our actions but do not be attached to the results. Each day, we do what needs to be done, we practice and now after many years of showing up, I have found the power of prayer and action to be in constant flow. As I write this column, my intentions are for a healthy and happy year for you. I will set an intention for collective healing to all those suffering of illness, loss, and unhappiness. As we set forth, we have the ability to let go of that which no longer serves us. You are a healer, and even more so you are your own healer. Pause, pay attention and be aware of your actions and words.

Listening and seeing the changes in nature reminds us we are just like nature. We are nature. When we are aligned in nature, our bodies respond with more fluidity. Being in tune with the change in nature is being balanced and centered. It is easy to let our emotions and actions become extreme, either too much energy or too little energy. To find the middle way, is to allow ourselves to be in a flow state. Neither resisting nor pushing, a true balance of yin and yang energy. This transition to Autumn allows us space to feel duality…fluid yet grounded in this sacred earth. I find when I experience this duality, I live in harmony with myself, nature, and all beings. Tune into your emotions, the physical body and mental body… cultivate a sense of awareness to how and what you feel, allow this to be felt. Then take what is serving you to find balance… and let go what keeps you on the extremes. Find your balance point on this new season of life.

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