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Sep 22, 2022

Karate — A Gentle Art With a Powerful Impact On Special Needs

On any given day or evening on Beach 116th Street, one can find children of all ages and abilities, outfitted in their “Gi” (karate uniform), headed up to World Champions Karate Center. Though since the pandemic, the long-time karate dojo has changed locations, for owner, Sensei Bruce Hodes, and Sensei Michael Salemi, the mission has remained the same—making world class champions of all kids, including those with autism and other special needs. When a friend shared a video of his autistic son, Michael Wolf (pictured) in the dojo practicing with Salemi, I was intrigued. According to Hodes…

Sep 22, 2022

Facts You Probably don’t Need

Chopsticks were initially created for cooking, not as an eating utensil.   The pound cake originally had a literal pound of each ingredient.   Lord Byron, the famous romantic era poet, was the father of Ada Lovelace, who is widely known as the mother of computing. A portrait of her is the authenticity hologram on Microsoft products.   Each year Scotland exports over one billion bottles of Scotch. In 2020, 36 bottles of Scotch were shipped out every second, totaling over 1.14 billion bottles.    The iconic chef’s hat is called a “toque….

Sep 22, 2022

Wrestle Talk: Your Questions!

So, this week we have received tons of emails with tons of questions so let’s get into some of them! First Question of the Week comes from David H. in Rockaway Park and he asked, “Do you have any updates on Maxwell Jacob Friedman in AEW?” Well, David, I actually do have some news! It appears that MJF has signed a New Deal with All Elite Wrestling but as per MJF, he still has plans on becoming a free agent in January 2024. The new deal was in fact for additional money to be added to his existing contract. So, you will still be seeing MJF in AEW until Jan 2024. The Second Question of th…

Sep 15, 2022

Poseidon Swims On This Saturday

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, seafarers and land lubbers, mermaids and mermen:  This Saturday, September 17, at high noon, Rockaway will be celebrating the end of the 2022 summer season with the 7th annual Poseidon’s Parade. This year’s parade looks to be a complete peninsula-wide blowout with sea creatures and costumed crustacean’s flooding the neighborhood for the annual end of summer stroll. Registration is wide open, and it is not too late to get your costume or group together and join the insanity. This year’s parade will be lining up at Caracas on Beach 106th, where partici…

Sep 15, 2022

Crime Concerns Take Over Uptown NCO Meeting

On Tuesday, September 13, uptown neighbors came out to the Beach 126th boardwalk for a Build the Block meeting with the NYPD Sector C Neighborhood Coordination Officers of the 100th Precinct, to express concerns. After a busy summer, Detective Martini and Officer Mercado let the group know that a big problem right now is theft of cars and bicycles. They reminded people to not leave valuables in their cars or leave cars or bikes unlocked. Several neighbors expressed concerns over an incident last weekend in which a group of youths, allegedly from St. John’s Home, were attempting to ste…

Sep 15, 2022

A Big Summer for Beach Concessions

As of Sunday, September 11, lifeguards blew their last whistle for the season. Now NYC Parks is looking back and says after the Covid pandemic, Summer 2022 was one of the best for Rockaway’s concessions. According to NYC Parks, 2022 was on track to be the most successful season for the Rockaway Beach Concessions. Early gross receipts from Rockaway Beach Bazaar are showing a 47% increase from 2021, and a 3% increase from 2019 which was previously the most successful season. And new this year, the Beach 97th Street Snack Bar will remain open all year long, so New Yorkers can enjoy that sum…

Sep 15, 2022

CB 14 Returns for the First Time Back in Person

With the pandemic’s shelter-in-place orders now a memory of the not-so-distant past, on Tuesday, September 13, board members and scores of community activists packed the Knights of Columbus for Community Board 14’s first session since the summer recess. For newer board members, this was their first face-to-face meeting together after two years of convening virtually, which CB 14 Chairwoman Dolores Orr acknowledged, asking the entire board to stand and formally introduce themselves. As for the night’s agenda—from good news about Rockaway’s business boom, Mayor Eric Adams’ Cash For Guns Initi…

Sep 15, 2022

High Tide

***** Ahoy! Fun weekend ahead. The Poseidon Parade is Saturday (see you on the boardwalk!) and The Richie Allen Surf Classic is Sunday (see you on the beach!). ***** The alarm went off a little early on Tuesday morning. If you have a cell phone and don’t turn it off overnight, chances are you got a tornado alert sometime around 4:40 a.m. The National Weather Service issued the warning which included the advice to move to a basement or lower floor. The twister was allegedly heading towards Rockaway. A meteorologist tweeted “if you hear a train like noise, seek shelter in the most interior…

Sep 15, 2022

This Week in History

September 15 Larry Gray was born. Mike Olsen was born. Kathy Donohue Boyle was born. Mary Edwards was born. Andy Cholakis was born. Claire Resnick was born.   1789 – The U.S. Department of Foreign Affairs changed its name to the Department of State.   SEPTEMBER 16 Amanda Agoglia was born. Beth Murphy Ward was born.   1630 – The Massachusetts village of Shawmut changed its name to Boston. 1974 – President Ford announced conditional amnesty for Vietnam War deserters and draft evaders.   SEPTEMBER 17 Jen Poyant was born….

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