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Mar 3, 2016

Friends of Rockaway Still Here

Friends of Rockaway is still here to help those in need after Hurricane Sandy and the group will be holding upcoming information sessions to see who is still struggling with repairs. In the more than three years since Sandy, Friends of Rockaway has provided home repair services to 137 families and counting, and there are still some out there who may need assistance. Director of Friends of Rockaway, Thomas Corley, says, “rebuilding the Rockaways is far from over, but we’re committed to staying open until the job is complete.” To increase awareness and provide information about how to apply…

Mar 3, 2016

We Get Email

Shuttle Good For Numbers Dear Editor: On Tuesday February 9th Community Board 14 held their monthly meeting where the Economic Development Corporation (EDC) spoke about the free shuttle bus service which will be available for the Rockaway Ferry service in 2017. I would like to remind everyone that it was the E.D.C. under the leadership of Kyle Kimball who said to this community the “numbers” were not sufficient and the reason why the Rockaway Ferry was taken out of service. Now they are talking about the shuttle bus service and leaving out the east end of this peninsula which is not fair…

Mar 3, 2016


This past Sunday was Valentine’s Day, a faux holiday celebration I have always believed was created by an insidious conspiracy on the part of our nation’s candy, floral and greeting card industries. This year, rather than spend my kid’s inheritance like a drunken sailor on candy, flowers, cards, etc., I decided I would attempt to make Valentine’s Day more of an educational experience for the entire family.  On Valentine’s Day morning, as the family gathered in the kitchen of our abode on West 12th Road, I was greeted with the same inquisitive glances I am greeted with each Valentine’s Day …

Mar 3, 2016

Blocks Of The Rock: West 11th Road

On West 11th Road in Broad Channel, it’s often that the tide is high, but they’re holding on. A recent bout of flooding brought rising waters to many a block throughout Queens. Newport Avenue in Rockaway became a wakeboarder’s paradise and Hamilton Beach’s submersed streets could be seen from the A train. For most the flooding was at best an inconvenience and at worst a flashback to Sandy. But the residents of West 11th Road can take it in stride—they’ve been dealing with the effects of even normal high tides for as long as they can remember. After all, it’s the second-lowest block on its i…

Mar 3, 2016

The Lazer Speaks What’s the Plan?

Ok, so we’ve had a couple of snow storms and then some tidal flooding here in Rockaway and Broad Channel, did those things stop and make you think – what if something bad happens again, how do we get off the peninsula? Somehow the brilliant folks at the Bridges & Tunnels thought it would be a good idea to close one lane each way on the Marine Parkway Bridge during the winter for repair. Have you tried driving over the bridge in the morning? The traffic is backed up all along Beach Channel Drive, just like it was this past summer. Well, that’s ok you say, I’ll just escape over the Cros…

Mar 3, 2016

Reading Program Has Cross Country Appeal

Jack and Penelope Larkin who attend Creekside Elementary School in Sammamish, WA, stand proudly beside their Reading Certificates and Congratulatory Letters from Assemblyman Phil Goldfeder. Every summer they fly in visit their grandparents, Barbara and Pete Larkin in Belle Harbor. They love to read, listen to stories, enter the Graybeards Family Fun Run, play ball and build sandcastles on the beach, take in waves with boogie boards, play with their cousins, and do other fun things. This is the second year Jack and Penelope participated in Assemblyman Goldfeder’s Summer Reading Program havin…

Mar 3, 2016

Boardwalk Surprise! Beach 73rd to Beach 86th Now Open

Ahead of the Parks Department’s schedule, Phase 4A of the new boardwalk, had a surprise opening this week. The fences came down on Tuesday, February 16 and bikers and pedestrians were able to enjoy an even longer trip on the boardwalk when Beach 73rd to Beach 86th Street opened. As of the soft opening on Tuesday, people can now walk about a mile and a half stretch of boardwalk, from about Beach 73rd to Beach 106th Street. Fencing around the construction area and beach entrances were still in the process of being removed this week, but the path and marked bike lanes were open for use. Queen…

Mar 3, 2016

RIP To Mighty Atom Jr.

Legendary strongman, Mike Greenstein, who turned 95 in December died this week while visiting family in Florida. The affable strongman who lived in the Beach 105 building was able to pull cars with his teeth and entertained crowds for decades with feats of strength. Mike was still going strong into his nineties. In October, 2014 at the age of 93 Mike thrilled hundreds of people as he pulled a car at the Fall Festival on Beach 116th Street. Just a year earlier, he was introduced to millions as he demonstrated his amazing strength on the TV show America’s Got Talent. Mike was the son of ano…

Mar 3, 2016

High Tide

***** We want to join the Rockapulco Running folks as they wish good luck to Kerri Gallagher (a four-time Rockapulco 5K Champion and course record holder) and Matthew Centrowitz (two-time Rockapulco 5K Champion, course record holder and 2012 Olympian) as they compete in the prestigious Wanamaker Mile at the Millrose Games on Saturday, February 20th at The Armory. ***** Oh, and by the way, The 2016 Rockaway Running Series schedule looks like this: The Parade Day 5K will be on March 5th and the St. Pat’s Half Marathon is set for Saturday, March 19th. ***** We had gone to press by the tim…

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