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Cat Scratch Fever

A few weeks ago in this column I mentioned that I learned that one of our four cats, Nibbles (who was introduced to our home last year by our oldest daughter, Amy, who promised at the time that she was only “babysitting” the feline for two or three days until her friend returned home from a trip) was pregnant.  Up until that time I thought the cat was simply obese as she had been devouring her food not unlike participants in the July 4th hot dog eating contest at Nathan’s in Coney Island. Once I knew “Nibbles” was a mother to be, I made an appointment to have her...

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Sanity Arises

John Ellison, Dean of Students for the College at the University of Chicago is welcoming incoming freshmen students to his campus this year with a warning that they should expect to remain living in the real world and that there will be no “safe spaces” at their new place of learning. “Our commitment to academic freedom means that we do not support so called ‘trigger warnings,’ we do not cancel invited speakers because their topics might prove controversial, and we do not condone the creation of intellectual safe spaces where individuals can retreat from ideas and...

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Alive? Check

After much introspection, I have come to the opinion that being retired I have fallen into a series of daily routines that, although not noticed by me (at least initially) caused some concern on the part of family members, friends and neighbors.  Being an early riser (late for me is an anything past 4 a.m.) my first conscious actions of the morning are to fire up the old coffee maker and open up the laptop to peruse the early web editions of our local newspapers.  The first thing I will do is quickly scan that day’s Irish Comics (obituaries) to assure myself that I have not been included with...

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Now let’s see.  Where were we when we last we met a week ago?  Oh yeah…just returned from Rockaway after dropping Amy off at work and realized that prior to enjoying some “home alone” time I still had four cats, two turtles, a guinea pig, a bearded dragon and a dog to be fed and three litter boxes to be cleaned.  First things first…the cats.  A quick trip upstairs to take care of Vicky’s cat “Bailey” who was found abandoned in a box on the beach over in Rockaway as a kitten and now resides in her bedroom on the 3rd floor. No big deal here, a little...

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This past week Grace and my youngest daughter Victoria have been down in Virginia visiting with Grace’s sister, Maryellen.  This has left me at home with my oldest daughter Amy, who, being 21, only visits the homestead sporadically when she is not working or hanging out with her friends. Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining. After all, just like Amy, I was 21 years old once upon a time in a galaxy very far away and I recall that, just like her, I was never home. Of course, I was never home because I was in the United States Marine Corps but that is a story for another time. As...

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Broad Channel Pirates!

The sun had passed its mid-point in the overhead sky and the barely perceptible morning breeze had disappeared leaving in its wake only the humid stagnant afternoon heat as the forty women made their way aboard the 70 foot fishing charter “Capt. Mike” in Howard Beach last Sunday.  This year’s Broad Channel VFW annual “Girl’s Only” fishing trip had been re-christened in memory of a much loved member who passed away back away in 2014 as the organization’s “Annual Suzanne Grillman Fishing Tournament.”  Suzanne would have loved the idea of the...

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Damn the British Aristocracy!

          It should come as no surprise to anyone our local weekly newspaper, The Rockaway Times (RT), is a vast depository of information that continually provides us with a wealth of knowledge sorely missing from most other available media sources. Case in point – as I was reading through last week’s edition of the RT (July 7 edition) I came across an article by Pat Morgan entitled Table Tennis Anyone?  The timing of this article was a most fortunate happenstance as my youngest daughter, Victoria, a student at Queensborough Community College, decided to take two summer P.E. courses,...

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A Woman’s Place Is In The Kitchen

I have never been one to utilize the old adage that “A woman’s place is in the kitchen” when dealing with the fairer sex. Yeah, I know it’s kind of sexist and completely politically incorrect. In fact, I believe today’s college-educated youth would define such a saying  as a “micro-aggression” and the source of considerable emotional hurt and insecurity.  I guess times have changed since I attended the hallowed halls of Staten Island Community College where my meal plan consisted primarily of strategically placed vending machines on campus and the occasional...

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Between The Bridges

I am not a bg fan of “smart” phones.  These days I am the proud owner of a  $9 TracFone.  Yeah, it’s cheap with absolutely no bells or whistles but it’s also damn dependable, and with double minutes, it costs me on the average of $10 a month to maintain a suitable bank of 500+ airtime minutes, more than suitable for my needs.  Don’t need insurance either.  If it breaks or I lose it, I simply purchase another. I only use it for actual voice calls as I do not text although I will read any text message sent to me. I tell everyone that’s why God (or Ray Tomlinson...

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