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Phil Goldfeder – A Political Horse of a Different Color

One of my favorite writers, Peggy Noonan, once wrote, “Don’t fall in love with politicians. They are all disappointments, They can’t help it.  They just are.”  I have always taken Peggy’s advice to heart, especially when it comes to the world of Albany politics where our state legislature is apparently filled with scores of honest politicians as you can say, once they are bought, they tend to stay bought. Of course even Ms. Noonan would allow that there are exceptions to her rule and, every now and then, an innocent man manages to get elected and is sent to the legislature.  Those of us who...

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Between The Bridges

Originally known as Decoration Day, Memorial Day (as it is now known) is a day of remembrance, which originated in the years following the Civil War and became an official federal holiday in 1971. This Sunday, May 29, the Broad Channel VFW will be hosting our community’s annual Memorial Day parade. This event is a testament to our town’s desire to honor those men and women who have sacrificed so much for our freedom on this sacred day. The parade will start at 1:00 p.m. with a wreath laying ceremony at the 17th Road Park Flag Pole and then travel along Cross Bay Boulevard to the George Riekers...

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Weather And A Day To Remember

Stop by the Broad Channel VFW Flea Market this Saturday and Sunday, May 21 and 22, between the hours of 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. and explore the many tables filled with all manner of wonderful and eclectic items you never knew you needed – antiques, bath and body products, designer clothing, housewares, glassware, artwork, jewelry and accessories, crafts, toys and more! Presently, the weather forecast for Broad Channel is calling for a warm sunny weekend. That being said, the weekend flea market will be held rain or shine, inside or out. As summer rapidly approaches most of us think of the Memorial...

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La Palma is Quiet, Life is Good!

As far as I am concerned, nothing compares to waking up to the tranquility of summer living on the water here in Broad Channel.  The screeching of the sea gulls as they kamikaze the back deck in an effort to eat the remaining morsels of food left over from yesterday’s BBQ. The sounds of garbage cans being knocked asunder by a raccoon searching for its own share of the booty. Lest we forget those beautiful long necked mute swans who purposely travel up and down our canals as residents dutifully file outside, in what is almost a religious ritual, to offer morsels of bread to these graceful creatures...

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An Ounce Of Mother Worth….

Happy Mother’s Day! There is an old proverb, which states, “God couldn’t be everywhere so he invented mothers.” With that one sentence I know I have managed to offend at least two groups of individuals, those secularists who cringe at any mention of a higher power and those die hard Catholics who will immediately fire off an email instructing me that God is omnipresent so, in fact, he can be every where at once.  To both groups of people I say – get over yourselves, it’s Mother’s Day!  To the “PC Police,” I recommend you take the day off, spend some quality  time with your Moms and let...

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Born Yesterday – In Town All Night!

Many years ago Grace and I were strolling through Toys R Us looking for the perfect birthday gift for our girls when I happened to spy what I thought was a unique toy guaranteed to bring hours of playful fun to our (then) small daughters, Amy and Vicky. It was basically a 10-foot section of plastic track, high on one end and ground level on the other, upon which sat a small cart with wheels. I immediately alerted Grace to my find.  “Are you out of your small male mind?  It’s a midget roller coaster! We’ll have to watch them every second! The girls will fall out of it and hurt themselves!  Besides,...

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BC Potpourri

Move over Tom Selleck! Much ado was made about the recent filming of an episode of the CBS television drama Blue Bloods in the Broad Channel and Rockaway area but as we welcome aboard Captain Janice Holmes as the new Commanding Officer of our local 100th Precinct it appears that we now have an honest to goodness real live Blue Blood to call our own.  A native of Queens, Captain Holmes, grew up in Hollis along with her twelve siblings of which four of her sisters, Selena, Estella, Bernice and Juanita are also members of the New York’s Finest! The Broad Channel Volunteer Fire Department and Ambulance...

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38.5 Billion Miles and No Frequent Flyer miles?

This month I celebrate my 66th birthday on this planet. Given the fact that both the Earth and I travel some 584 million miles each year as we orbit around our sun, I figure that to date, I have rolled up some 38.5 billion miles of  travel in my lifetime. Impressive, right?  At least until you realize that no commercial airline, or even NASA, will honor your frequent flyer miles. I never really thought too much about getting old but perhaps I should have.  After all, like the song by the Five Man Electrical Band back in 1970, the signs were always “blocking out the scenery…” right in front...

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A veteran of the Korean War, his Christian name was James DiTullio, but to his friends and extended family at the Broad Channel VFW he was known simply as “Grumpy”. I first met Grumpy years ago on a Sunday afternoon at the Broad Channel VFW where he served as that organization’s bar chairman.  Seated in the canteen, wearing a pair of reading glasses with one lens conspicuously missing and a baseball cap with “GRUMPY” emblazoned in large capital letters above the bill, he greeted me with a firm hand shake and a warm welcome to his kingdom.  He asked me what branch of the service I had served...

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