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By Emil R. Lucev, Sr. & his daughter, Katie Lucev  Rockaway Point history began in 1667 when this English mile-wide sand bar that enclosed Jamaica Bay from the Atlantic Ocean, was breached by a great storm in the area of the present Crossbay Veterans Memorial Bridge. Prior to that breach tidal flow in/out of the bay was through Barren Island Creeks. Subsequently, tidal flows in/out of the bay and natural accretion of sand from the east caused the east side of the breach or inlet to extend west, and the west side of the new inlet to be eroded away. The process continued until the Rock Hook...

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 Rockaway Historian, Emil R. Lucev, Sr., proudly displayed here, on the beach in Seaside wearing his 1890’s bathing suit attire on Halloween in 1990 something!!! Completed with a Top Hat and a bottle of his favorite liquid libation!  Once the woolen worsted suit got wet, one needed a good belt to help carry it! (LOL)

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Clam Up For Winter

 BUMMER! ANOTHER SUMMER coming to an end in The Rockaways. But Don’t GLUMMER! (websterdictionary.com)! Before you know it, you’ll soon return to MUMMER (websterdictionary.com) and enjoy the bountiful NUMMER’s (urbandictionary.com) you’ve come to LOVE here. Swill your Spirits responsibly, and you’ll never CHUNDER!!! (urbandictionary.com).  Please remember to continue patronizing our advertisers, local retail shops and restaurants and bars throughout the fall and winter seasons. 

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 This early 1900’s postcard only describes Ellis Island as an immigration depot since 1892. This is where ALL immigrants landed to be examined before they became legally admitted to the United States. Undesirables were DEPORTED at the expense of the steamship company that originally brought them to America.  Boy, has the worm turned in comparison to the chaos of the present time!  

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About Historian Emil R. Lucev

 Rockaway Historian Emil R. Lucev Sr. began his venture into the history of The Rockaway’s back in the early 1970s. It was then that information was being gathered concerning proprietor names found embossed on the growing collection of antique Rockaway bottles found throughout the peninsula and in Jamaica Bay. What was discovered about old Rockaway astounded him! In 1980, Emil became associated with The Wave, a Rockaway newspaper since 1893, as a historian. Emil had many articles and photos published in a weekly column in order to share his historical knowledge with all Rockawayites. A few years...

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 Several weeks back we asked readers to name all the Rockaway bars that they could remember.  James Supple was the winner and listed an astounding 185. James is pictured here with a great t-shirt, by the way.  Honorable mention goes to: Pamela Neafsey, James Roach, Jo Ann Murgolo, Micki Roseman Coughlin, Tony Murello, Kevin Michael Archibald, and Elisa Bachrow.  Thanks for the memories! Here’s our list and we bet you might remember others! ANDREW’S CASINO ANNEX HOUSE ARION HOUSE ARLINGTON HOTEL ARORA CLUB ARVERNE HOTEL ARVERNE VILLA ASTORIA HOTEL ASTORIA HOUSE ATLANTIC HOTEL ATLANTIC HOUSE ATLANTIC...

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Beach 116TH STREET – BAYSIDE 1902

 In 1902 the bay end of Beach 116th Street was wide open and serene looking. The only attractions were Olsson’s Boat House and Fishing Station, a dock that led into the bay and the intersection of Bay Road and Newport Road at left center. The heavenly manicured landscaping is delightful too. It’s amazing….look at all the free parking spots.      

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 Back in 1915 my grandfather, Mike Louis, borrowed $500 dollars from his Rockaway Beach employer to buy a horse and wagon. With this loan, my grandfather started his own business of delivering ice to residents in summer bungalows and tent dwellers in Edgemere. Over the years the Arverne Hygeia Ice Company flourished and became the largest on the peninsula. Then a time came when all home ice delivery businesses began to decline because the refrigerator took the world by storm. My grandfather use to ‘kick’ the new refrigerator with his foot every time he walked by it. After all, it did put him...

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 Back in the day, Rockaway’s Irishtown was growing by leaps and bounds! There were numerous watering holes throughout the famous Seaside/Irishtown section of the Rockaway Peninsula. The original bounds of Old Irishtown were Beach 101st street on the east and Beach 108th street on the west. Those of us who “remember,” know that these boundaries stretched like a rubber band, “Aye”! Today we see this old photograph of Cooney’s Inn, located on Rockaway Beach Boulevard and Beach 104th Street. Marked as taken in 1915, this photo looks as if the gang is outside and singing, “Hail Hail…the gangs all...

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