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Thank You

Dear Editor: Thank you, Sean, for bringing the lifeguard requirements to our attention. My father has been expressing the very same concerns to very deaf ears for the past 20 years. We did attend the meetings when the Y first came to the Peninsula. It was met with deaf ears stating that they needed basketball courts more than they needed a pool, to quote a “community official.” Bottom line, it is far more cost effective to build basketball courts than swimming pools. We appreciate your concern, but were you at the community meetings and voiced your concerns? We hope that you were...

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Opposition to Alma Development

Dear Editor: Dayton Towers Board of Directors is writing to express strong opposition to the development currently proposed by Alma Realty on its Surfside property found between Beach 105th to 108th Streets and from Shore Front Parkway to Rockaway Beach Blvd. The proposed development intends to construct 20-story buildings and more than 2,000 additional housing units added to their existing buildings. For perspective, Dayton Towers—already listed as one of NYC’s largest Mitchell/Lama Co-ops—has 1,752 units over two properties with almost twice the physical footprint of Alma’s proposed development....

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Cheers for Alistair!

Dear Editor: Thank you for putting in the photo of the best UPS man around, Alistair! He goes out of his way each day for his customers. UPS should be proud of his work ethic and dedication. Thank you, Alistair, for being the best and thank you Rockaway Times! Beth Hanning

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Jamaica Bay Sea Gate

Dear Editor: I would like to thank Katie McFadden for an informative article about this massive project. I have many questions about the use of sea gates to control flooding during a severe storm and the ecological impact on Jamaica Bay. I am not an engineer but it’s obvious that a tremendous amount of water would be funneled through two relatively small openings on each tide cycle which occurs twice a day. The current at the open gates would be tremendous as the tide change occurs. It would most certainly create a navigation hazard for commercial barge shipping and pleasure craft. The fisheries...

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St. John’s Receives $150K For Maternal Health Program

St. John’s Episcopal Hospital (SJEH) was recently awarded a $150,000 grant from the Mother Cabrini Health Foundation (MCHF) to support expansion of the hospital’s Maternal Health Doula Services Program. Through this program, pre- and postnatal women in the Rockaways will have the opportunity to receive free-of-charge access to a professional doula who will assist them throughout the childbirth process; providing physical, emotional, and informational support to mothers, helping to achieve the healthiest, most satisfying birth experience possible. Jacqueline M. Marecheau, MD FACOG, Chairperson, Department...

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Ariola Organizes Clean Up Operation

In recent weeks, Councilwoman Joann Ariola has organized clean-up operations throughout District 32, living up to her commitment to enhance the quality of life for all area residents. “The people of District 32 should not be seeing piles of trash when they leave their homes,” Councilwoman Ariola said. “From Rockaway to Woodhaven, my staff and I have been working closely with the Department of Sanitation to clean up eyesores throughout the district. I would like to give a special thanks to my staff for staying so on top of these things, and for being so diligent in following up with the DSNY...

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Amato Named Chairwoman of Governmental Employee Committee

Assemblywoman Stacey Pheffer Amato was appointed as the new Chairwoman of the New York State Governmental Employee Committee. Pheffer Amato is the second woman to be appointed Chair of this Committee in the history of New York State. The Committee serves as the leading legislative authority on all public employees in New York, including retirees. In her role, she will now preside over and facilitate legislation and policies for public employees that range in pensions, retirement benefits, and health insurance. Pheffer Amato has been publicly praised for her commitment and strong support of public...

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Space heaters usually include safety features which reduce the risk of fire. This does not mean that all of them are riskless. I’ve read that a study from a few years ago determined space heaters caused about 20,000 home fires/year and 6,000 emergency room visits per year at that time. Approximately one third of home fires were caused by space heaters. Some homeowners’ insurance companies frown on using them. Many people use space heaters due to extreme weather. A well know publication commented on their use: Higher electric bills can result. Fuel burning heaters are more dangerous than electric. Smoke...

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Creating Space

I invite you into a conscious space. Uncross your legs and lengthen your spine. Land your attention on your breath in your body. Keep your mind completely focused on the natural inhale and exhale for a number of breath cycles. Feel your shoulders drop, and your hips soften their grips. Remain focused on the breath. Softly repeat to yourself Thich Nhat Hanh’s mantra: “I have arrived, I am home.” Over the past months, I find myself prioritizing the importance of consciously creating space in my daily life. As a single mother, new business owner, and teacher (to name a few), my schedule has gotten...

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