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 Animal Rescue

Dear Editor: I would like to thank the firefighters from Engine 268/Ladder137 for saving a momma duck and her four ducklings. The duck family was walking along the barrier on a very busy Beach Channel Drive and Beach 144th Street, when three of the ducklings fell into a storm drain. I placed a call to the firehouse asking for help, and within minutes our local heroes were on the scene. They removed the storm drain cover and  rescued the ducklings . The family of five was then set free safely away from the road and were on their merry way.  V.B.

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 Wild Wild West

Dear Editor: Rockaway is slowly becoming the “Wild West”. It’s 7:15 on Sunday night, July 10.  As I look out my window, I am watching well over 150 ATVs and motorcycles riding in the westbound lane going East popping wheelies on the sidewalks in front of residential homes.  This is NOT the first time. It also occurred last weekend with about 100 vehicles. It is getting considerably larger with each passing weekend. Last weekend about 50 of them came back and parked by the bay road blasting boom boxes, again, across from residential homes.  Hopefully, the 100th Precinct will...

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Less is More?

Dear Editor: Once again the MTA invites travelers to and from Rockaway for a “participatory” trip down a rabbit-hole. Drafters of the latest bus “plan” seem to be claiming is “Less is more”. The main argument in favor of public transportation is that it offers inexpensive and widely available  travel options for the public and that this is the lifeblood of modern urban economic life: it’s what gets workers to and from their jobs, and brings people to medical care, schools, shopping, banking and entertainment.  The MTA has many shortcomings but imagine the City without it… or without...

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Official Praise

Dear Editor: I could not miss the seventh anniversary of our peninsula’s beloved local newspaper, The Rockaway Times, without wishing you heartfelt congratulations! As you stated in 2014, “Print publications aren’t failing in small towns if they reflect the community they serve.” Together with your amazing staff, you have gone above and beyond to reflect and serve our community. Therefore, I am confident that The Rockaway Times will be here to report the news for many years to come. As a free newspaper, The Rockaway Times is the best bargain in town! As one of the local elected officials in...

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Red White and Blue

Dear Editor: On July 4th, I went to the end of the boardwalk on Beach 126th St, expecting to see some simple rockets and fireworks—only to be treated to more than two hours of the most beautiful and complex fireworks coming from the beach—from clusters of people, who must have chipped in quite a bit of money to put on a display of fireworks the likes of which I’ve never before experienced. In my mind it singled out that, yes, Covid has almost been vanquished—and, also, yes, we are living in a wonderful town. In my mind I was singing “America the Beautiful.” Ruth Graves

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Dear Editor: I along with many any others enjoy your Boyleing Points and the whole paper and still recall the uphill battle you had in the early days. You have the perfect blend … a great staff and friend support. Wishing you many, many more happy days ahead. Go and continue to do great things! Dorothy Fraher

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Dear Editor: What are we, chopped liver?!  When will our beloved Seaside Library reopen to the public? Children, adults, students; all miss its services. This vital Queens connection should be used for more than the occasional election. All presently serving elected Democratic politicians in this Queens District: Get on board and make this happen! I can’t be the only avid reader, taxpayer and voter in the district, can I? Maureen McNelis

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Bad Dog

Dear Editor: On the evening of June 23, a very disturbing incident occurred on Beach 137 St. My sister and I and our two dogs were attacked by an unfit neighbor’s known vicious pit bull, who has attacked others before, only three houses away from home. My sister was bitten on the face, and I sprained my wrist trying to save our dogs. We both had to go to the ER and our dogs needed emergency vet care. Many thanks to the courageous neighbors and our husbands who were able to force the pitbull to the ground and restrain the dog for at least 15 minutes until Police Emergency Service arrived...

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Peace & Quiet, Please

Dear Editor: Why do we live in Rockaway? Particularly the west end of Rockaway? Good neighbors, friends, community, beach, bay, good food, national park, and most of all Peace and Quiet? Yes, to all but lately not the last item. I’ve lived here most of my life, and like most other residents, experience that certain calm and comfort when we come over the bridge, arrive on the ferry, or get off the bus or subway. Many of us work in or are retired from high-stress jobs, whether it be public service, private sector, healthcare providers, or are students of all ages. A few hours before you could...

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