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 Recently, my body had an unexpected injury that seemingly came from nowhere. The signs were not there and I felt super strong and flexible.  I was searching for lots of challenging yoga poses that would help with raw emotions coming from sadness, anger, frustrating situations that life sometimes brings on. The journey of yoga is moving your energy through your body to update yourself, often liberating mind and body from limiting beliefs. We think we get over things, but we really don’t. The memory is always there and for me it usually takes residency in my body. The shoulders in Eastern medicine...

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 Energy flows in the body through a series of “wheels” or chakras (Sanskrit for wheels).  The third chakra is at the place above the belly button – the solar plexus – and is thought to be the “seat of our emotions.”   Located in the body in the “gut” area, it is no surprise that “follow your gut” has come to mean something like: when you are faced with a decision or an opportunity or a fork in the road or a crossroads, follow what your core, i.e., your gut, tells you.  Not the intellectual mind or the mind that makes excuses or any thing that arises from thinking.   “The third chakra is called...

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Without love, life would be challenging. We are connected to one another by the essence of love.  Our true self is pure love. Often we are comforted by simple words, a soft touch or a kind face. Recently, our community suffered the loss of our dear dance studio owner Elaine Freeburg. The kindest, most loving person I have ever known.  Generous, big hearted and so happy to be herself.  We strive all the time to be in the moment and to be ourselves but somehow Elaine knew how to do this effortlessly. It was love that kept Elaine going. Her love for her family, dance, and community. She lived a...

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One day of rest per week.   When I grew up, Sunday was a day of rest.  Maybe not as completely for my Mom, but somewhat so, for sure.  The whole day had a different feel than the other six days. No stores were open, except for the bakery early in the morning.  There were no places to go.  Can you imagine not being able to buy anything except a loaf of “Italian” bread?   Supermarket?  No. Malls?  No.  Of course, there was no need or desire for more and more.  The retail explosion along with all of its urgent advertising, gradually took hold.  And now we have every option to do any thing even...

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All About Energy

Spring has arrived and we will begin to have lots of positive energy from the sun, flowers, exercise, people we meet, etc. This week I would like to discuss energy. There is positive vs. negative, low vs. high, spiritual vs. non-spiritual.  Energy can be healing and uplifting.  We all have an energy field. In physics, energy is defined as the property of objects, which can be transferred to other objects or converted into different forms. The energy we are familiar with can be described as the strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity. Energy can be healing and...

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Having experiences is more fulfilling than having things. It feels good to get a new pair of shoes or a new dress or a new set of golf clubs or a new watch. It feels good to get a new car or countless other things. Those moments are really just moments and if we put everything we have in one big room we could stare at it and think – it is just a big pile of “stuff”. If we have a house and a car or two we could look at them from afar and think, nice, inanimate “stuff”. That is all good and has a place in our lives. If we can, it is great to obtain beautiful things. But, the importance we sometimes...

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