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Time to Renew

As we slowly roll forward into the spring, we are inspired to renew our bodies and spirits. Clean living leads to positive energy and overall better health. From what I understand, many people developed some bad habits during the pandemic. So perhaps you could decide to change some of the things that truly do not serve you. Over-eating, over-drinking, lack of sleep, fear-based thoughts are all detrimental to your well-being. Making conscious decisions to develop good habits will come with time and discipline. Let the fun begin as you embark on the journey to better health.   Food is medicine....

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The Sun Always Shines

Even if the sky is full of clouds, the sun still shines—we just don’t see it. The sun is the nourisher that causes all to thrive. This month at Ocean Bliss Yoga, we are focusing on one of the eight limbs of yoga “pratyahara” (Sanskrit word meaning “withdrawal of the senses”).  It is the bridge between the external ones: ethical ways to live, self-discipline, yoga poses and breath control and the internal ones of concentration, meditation and enlightenment. “Pratyahara” enables us to acknowledge all of our senses and come away from them from outside to the inner body.  Once we do that, according...

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What Makes You Feel Alive

We are all beginning to re-emerge into the world. Everything has changed and we are very different. Transitions back will be slow. Remember what has been lost and what has been gained. Please accept my deepest condolences to those who have lost family and friends in the past year. May you allow yourself time to grieve and be with your loss.  Every week I receive a newsletter from Maria Shiver that sometimes sparks inspiration.  Her seed thought, “what makes you feel alive?” I am sharing this idea with you hoping it can help guide you as you step back into your life. So many beautiful ways to...

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Adapting to Change

As we march forward towards spring, some proven treatments and more and more people receiving the vaccine, I am feeling relief and hope. Little by little hope is replacing fear. We know what happened, so lingering in the recent past with that fearful feeling will do us no good. It will eventually leave a harmful irreparable mark. Looking ahead at the uncertainty of the future can also implode in fear. Being here today, taking stock of the reality right here, looking at the bigger picture and realizing it is okay, is a healthy way of living right now. I’m finding this way these days to try and...

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Become A Listener

During the month of March, I decided to create a space of equanimity in my life by balancing how I listen and speak. Many of you may have created a sacred space in your homes to pray, listen, meditate and move. Some have a space between your bed and dresser but you made it work during these past months of confinement. I have never really mastered the art of conscious listening until recently. I am still a beginner but I am learning to tune into the sounds and people around me. The profound essence of being quiet. The art of deep listening is a skill. For some it comes naturally and yet for others...

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On a recent Monday, a friend went into her handbag for her wallet and it was not there.  The last time she used it was on the previous Saturday in a store in the Erskine Street complex.   She called the store she was in and went about putting holds on her credit cards.  On Tuesday in her mailbox was a package from a woman in Brooklyn with her wallet intact. What a wonderful woman! She could have left it. She could have taken it.  She could have turned it in  and washed her hands of it.  But she took the time to go to the post office and mail it.  She wanted it to get back into the owner’s hands. ...

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So Many Reasons To Be Happy

 Love life and all that it has to offer. When you begin to awaken from your sleep silently say, thank you God for another day. Try your best to fill it with good intentions and positive thoughts. Some days are better than others but remain confident that each day is a precious gift. My dearest neighbor, Joan Moors, always has the greatest mantras. Speaking to her one evening she said, “You can either choose to exist or live.” In spite of having much loss her in life she chooses to live. Joan is a woman who lives life well and will have no regrets when she sets off into the sunset. Thank you,...

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  Solitude is the act of being alone or isolated in a good frame of mind. Who wants to be alone? Well, I want to share that it is very good to schedule some solitude time – I think it is essential to health and well-being. It is a time not to do anything at all, just kind of stare out wherever you are: in your home, on the beach, anywhere that is quiet and peaceful. The space around you, the environment around you should probably be clean and pleasing to the eye – giving off a positive vibration. . . a small circle of peace.  Then, feel free! Imagine yourself somewhere that feels...

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Finding Joy

Don’t wait for the difficult and challenging days to pass before you find your joy. There are many ways to find happiness and joy during these times. It requires a lot of self-care and love for yourself. It is not selfish to take good care of you. In fact, it is necessary to take the time to do things that make you feel whole. What makes you feel good? What is good in your life? This column is all about you. Begin to explore the things that would help nurture your body, mind and spirit. When you open heart, life flows effortlessly. Knowing your self-worth leads to self-love. A necessary feeling...

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