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Dear Editor: First let me say, I love your paper.  I would like to address Mr. Lou Pastina’s article. I like a lot of the What If’s (column 6/16) except where you say that Hilton or Marriott should buy the Neponsit home property. My house faces that property. I don’t think that I would like a huge hotel in my backyard.  So before you make suggestions that are going to effect other people’s property please research the impact. Right now it’s quiet and we like that. I’ve lived here for 23 years and we are very happy. I don’t know, would you like a hotel...

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Lou Gets It Again

Dear Editor: Regarding Lou Pastina’s 06/30 column (Brexit? What About Rockawexit?), it’s always romantic to think about Rockaway becoming an independent city and leaving Mayor Bill and Co. behind. Wouldn’t it be just great to start our own ferry, to fix and design our own roads, to actually repair our derelict sewers? (Seven months and counting on that last front!) But similar to how much of Great Britain swiftly realized Brexit might not be such a good idea, a Rockaway secession would be just as terrible. If we become independent of NYC, how will I get to work everyday, since...

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Two Cents

Dear Editor: (Regarding the letter about PEP officer 6/30/16) . I agree fully that the ATVs should NOT be going in around the blankets very dangerous. The ATVs should be up further on the Beach (any enforcement vehicles) and they should step off to approach any people who are not following the rules and regulations. As for the beer, just don’t bring it to the Beach. Remember it was Mayor Bloomberg who had that glass of wine in Central Park and was instrumental in enforcing the no drinking in Parks or Beaches. Danny Rucsillo

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Grins Are In

Reading in the Rockaway Times that the boardwalk opened on Friday, I wondered if there would be an official opening.  Instead there was a typical Rockaway event.  Locals showed up and enjoyed and discussed.  As I got to the end of the ramp there were two men who had worked on building it acting as unofficial greeters.  They were enjoying our glee and modestly accepting the thanks each and every entrant gave them. Once on the boardwalk, neighbors and strangers discussed the new boardwalk – what we liked, what we didn’t like, what we didn’t understand; but mostly we just crowed...

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Travel Tip

Dear Editor: When I began to plan my coming honeymoon, the choice of travel agent to book the cruise was a no-brainer.  I turned to Aggie Batista and her Rockaway-based travel agency, Dreams Vacation. It was a no-brainer because I have previously used Aggie to book five of the numerous cruises I have taken over the past decade, and her work is always as flawless as it is personal. Aggie always gives her clients the personal experience that is missing with other travel agents- and especially with impersonal internet bookers.  I really believe in dealing with people, not with computers for my...

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Diehl Gushes Again

Dear Editor: On behalf of the members of PS/MS 114’s Writers’ Club, we’d like to make you an honorary member. I’ve condensed and paraphrased several thank-you’s from the kids (especially Gregory Nicholas).  Mr. Boyle: For inspiring our efforts; For showcasing our creative writing; For giving us a motivational goal; We thank you for these extraordinary gifts. You made us feel stronger than ever; The Rockaway Times was one of the reasons for every endeavor.  And a poem: Mr. Boyle you are the best An editor, above all the rest In the Rockaway Times, you published our rhymes And, you never asked...

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PEP So Out of Step

Dear Editor: In all my 60+ years as a resident of Belle Harbor, what I witnessed on Saturday, June 25 was by far the best example of misappropriation of our city resources, namely Parks Enforcement Patrol (PEP). While enjoying a beautiful beach day, a PEP officer on his ATV weaved in and out of beachgoers blankets and chairs to speak to a circle of  a dozen or so 30 -something, professional homeowners about their glass containers (beer). He gave the group a warning, which they complied with by disposing  their bottles neatly into the garbage can. He left only to return with his white shirt supervisor...

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Wire Mess

Dear Editor: I thought you might be interested in helping keep our community clean of clutter. Rockaway has always been a beautiful place to live….since Hurricane Sandy its beauty has increased with everyone repairing their homes and gardens. However, yesterday as I walked through the Rockaway Park/Belle Harbor neighborhood I couldn’t help but noticed all the cut wires left hanging from both Verizon and Time Warner cable lines.  There were several on each block.  It appears they are just cut and leave them. Also there can be several cable lines from the provider’s line to a...

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Law Ignored

Dear Editor: (Please print this letter to the Governor) Dear Governor Cuomo: I am asking you for help with an important issue concerning Rockaway Beach. It’s the federal mandated law imposed on Rockaway Beach in 1982, exactly one year before your father was elected governor: The Coastal Zone Management Act 1972.CZMA. New York State receives millions of federal funding each year to supervise areas with coastal zone boundaries, but Rockaway beach is being denied that funding. Even worse, the city uses the same laws as they were using before the federal mandated laws were imposed on Rockaway....

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