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Dear Editor: Your comment about feeling like you should be living at the Park Inn (Boyleing Points, June 16) is extremely insensitive to the residents of the Park Inn and the many other adult homes in our neighborhood. Because circumstances necessitate that a person live in a long term care facility does not mean that they are not worthy of our respect. The problem of adult homes is not the fault of the residents. Heather Tubridy

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Dangerous Indifference

Dear Editor: It has been almost four years since the storm of the century devastated the Rockaway peninsula. The words “four years” are important because that is how long heavy dead tree limbs have been hanging precariously over the sidewalks on Beach 136th Street without any agency moving a finger to remedy the problem. I have contacted every Rockaway politician, 311, and the Parks department numerous times. NOTHING! Phil Goldfeder’s office acknowledged my request and said they were working on it. I was told they won’t take the branches down but will “eventually” take the whole tree, stump...

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Thanks, Doc

Dear Editor: I just wanted to say thank you to Dr. Peter Galvin for so many different and valuable topics in the health field. This kind of information and on a weekly basis is such a very big help to so many people who suffer from so many different health problems. Dr. Galvin this is a great service and I will be looking forward to your next article. Danny Rucsillo

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Don’t Generalize

Dear Editor: I am writing in response to a recent letter titled “Moms Owed Plenty.” (5-26)  I am a mother of two myself and appreciate “Anonymous” sentiments. I was born in Ireland, I have a father who still lives in Ireland and I am married to an Irish man.  I take offense to the line “though they are cute, handsome, charming beyond belief, there is in their nature a brutish violence that could erupt at any time.” Not ONCE has my father or my husband raised their hands to either me, my siblings or my children.  The writer and his mother have been through a very tough time but please do not...

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Giving Hurts

Dear Editor: People need to stop supporting panhandlers in the area.  Merchants on Beach 116th street and nearby are trying their hardest to make the area attractive for shoppers.  Giving money to panhandlers only encourages them to keep coming back.  That creates a negative atmosphere and is unfair to hardworking shop owners.  There are many ways to donate to charity.  Charity shouldn’t hurt people but charity to panhandlers hurts local businesses owned by real people. Chris Ryan

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Build It Back Woes

Dear Editor, What’s the story with Build-It-Back?  They board up a house, turn off all utilities, raise it twelve feet in the air—and walk away?  In my immediate area the are three such homes. One neighbor after moving all possessions and residents away and signing up properly, is still, after three months, awaiting any action at all. BIB claims ‘violations,’ which in no way were enumerated before she signed up for this. A big corner house is like that for one month, pending, according to BIB, ‘permits.’ If the city is doing the lifting, shouldn’t they already have city permits? It is...

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Hey, Thanks, RT

Dear Editor: Just a note of thanks for the enjoyment the paper provides. The Lazer Speak’s articles are always a gem.  Be Happy, Be Well columns are always uplifting (although I know I would hurt myself even more than I do already if I tried yoga).  Of course your piece is always fun.  My 93 year old mother always has some comment on “Boyleing Points” and she loves Sean McVeigh’s “Facts”, which I get a kick out of myself. So thanks again for a nice read each week. Owen Quinn

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Ferry Questions For EDC

Dear Editor: (Sent to NYCEDC (Economic Development Corp) I am submitting a Freedom of Information request for documents and material regarding the NYCEDC City Wide Ferry Contract. In particular, I request the following documents. 1. A copy of the contract for citywide ferry service with Hornblower. 2. A copy of the Certified Safety Management Plan that Hornblower submitted, which was required by the RFP. 3. A copy of the RFP for the purchase/building of ferry boats. (If NYC owns the vessels then there should have been a bid process). 4. Details on the financing of the vessels, when it was offered...

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In Defense Of Dock Naming

Dear Editor, (In response to the Ferry Sensible letter of 5/19/2016) First we would like to thank Susie Juszczak for her acknowledging the significance of obtaining over 1,600 signatures for DECKELMAN’S LANDING. Although she neglected to mention the hundreds of heartfelt comments by those who fell strongly for DECKELMAN’S LANDING. We will correct her numbers, there are 130,000 – 140,000 residents on the Rockaway Peninsula. Any resident that has ever used a petition for any worthy endeavor will attest to the fact that no one will ever get a majority of Rockaway residents to sign any petition....

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