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Newcomer Thrilled

Hello Rockaway Times: My name is Hitomi, I recently moved to US from Japan few months ago, and I am so lucky to live in Rockaway as the first place in the US.  When I got here, I knew absolutely nothing that was around, and had no friends in Rockaway, just my husband. So I start reading Rockaway Times from cover to cover to gather information, and now I know Rockaway much more than my husband even though he grew up here! A few weeks ago, I found the article about the Fashion show, and sent an email to the organizer and asked if it’s possible to be part of this event as model.  The article said...

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Who’s Watching The Store

Dear Editor: In some ways, technology is eroding the customer service skills of people that work in retail. For some reason, many salespeople walk around the store looking at their hand-held computer, and never approach you to see if you may need assistance. Also, many salespeople are not educated on the products they are selling. It seems that there is very little supervision of employees at large retail stores.  I will not bore you with the too-numerous to mention, examples of poor customer service that I have experienced. I am sure you have your own!!. Shopping Local is so much more stress-free...

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Moms Owed Plenty

Dear Editor: Thank you for the Boyleing Points “Mother’s Day” article, “Owed More Than A Day”  (5/5/15).  It touched upon feelings that were only half-buried during the years and decades of my life. In the early 1950s when I was three months into being 8 and in the third grade of elementary school, my brother, sister, and I lost our father Eugene to the curse of alcohol abuse.  It was Christmas Eve, December 1953. There was no heat in our home, no food in the fridge, and no presents under the tree. When the bars closed at 3 a.m., Dad came staggering home with more broken promises and no money...

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Tennis Court Outrage

  Dear Editor: This was sent to the Office of the Inspector General, NYC School Construction Authority:   Dear Inspector General (Maria Mostjo): I am calling for an investigation of where the 4.9 million dollars that was allocated to Beach Channel High Schools was spent. I am a resident of Rockaway and our local tennis courts at Beach Channel High School have been in need of repair for the past several years. These courts were in poor condition prior to the devastation of Sandy and have only continued to deteriorate after Sandy.  According to reports, The Office of School Construction Authority...

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Another Take

 Dear Editor: With response to the Ferry Sensible letter in the May 19, 2016 edition of The Rockaway Times, I have a few comments. Everyone in Rockaway knows that there were many people fighting for our ferry, including Laura Deckelman. Laura worked tirelessly on getting our ferry back even when so many gave up when we lost our ferry. Laura never gave up and continued to send emails, tweets and make phone calls. She hounded the politicians for meetings and was granted them. In my opinion she is a large part of why we got the ferry back. I am sure if someone were to check the names of those who...

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DOT Misleads

Dear Editor: DOT continues to lie and mislead the public regarding the proposed Woodhaven Select Bus Service route and apparently your reporter is one of their victims. In her May 19th article, Katie McFadden stated the number of left turn restrictions were reduced from about 12 to 5 in the city’s updated plan. The numbers shown in DOT’s latest report shows the numbers were reduced from 18 to 6 since April 2015, but even that is incorrect. (Slide 52 of DOT’s on line presentation). (http://www.nyc.gov/html/brt/downloads/pdf/brt-woodhaven-may2016.pdf) Eighteen restrictions was DOT’s proposal in...

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Ferry Sensible

Dear Editor: I read with great interest your recent editorial regarding the petition for naming of the Rockaway Landing. This relatively minor issue clearly illustrates how history in Rockaway is set to repeat itself once again. Well intentioned and fair-minded people are thrusting their support for this naming without regard to the polarizing effect it already has had. Before I go any further, I want to go on record first as stating emphatically that I mean no insult or disrespect to the individual for whom the petition is being circulated. Yes, her contributions are an unmistakable part of...

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Meter Blues

Dear Editor: I know the citizens of our City will never see the previous parking meters put back but they were much less of a problem and they did not break down as much. I’m tired of leaving my car door open in order to show traffic enforcement agents that I had to go to another Muni-Meter to get a paid parking receipt in order to park, it’s just ridiculous. I really believe the Muni-Meters were not tested long enough before they were all installed into our Communities. I also believe weather conditions play a big factor on their operation. I am asking the Department of Transportation “PLEASE...

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Dose of Humor

Dear Editor: I really enjoy the Rockaway Times. I read it from cover to cover every week. There is something uplifting about every issue, which leads me to supply a little bit of humor. I own an ‘89 Caddy Seville. This morning while it was parked in my driveway, I noticed a bee swarming around it. I’m not sure whether or not it was trying to extract nectar or pollinate my “Sweet Ride”. Sue Green

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