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Dear Editor: As a Delegate in the Participatory Budgeting Process in City Council District 32, I believe that the integrity of the PB process has been compromised. I expressed my concern and requested that Council Member Ulrich contact me to discuss this. I have not heard from him. Some PB Delegates were disturbed by the distribution of funds between communities in last year’s PB process. These concerns were raised early on by Delegates this year. There was discussion about ways that we might facilitate a more equitable outcome. One idea was to change the voting process and require that voters...

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Shuttle Good For Numbers Dear Editor: On Tuesday February 9th Community Board 14 held their monthly meeting where the Economic Development Corporation (EDC) spoke about the free shuttle bus service which will be available for the Rockaway Ferry service in 2017. I would like to remind everyone that it was the E.D.C. under the leadership of Kyle Kimball who said to this community the “numbers” were not sufficient and the reason why the Rockaway Ferry was taken out of service. Now they are talking about the shuttle bus service and leaving out the east end of this peninsula which is not fair and...

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