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Unnatural Preserve

 Dear Editor: Whether you’re a Rockaway native or a visitor, there’s a good chance you’re familiar with the piping plover, the threatened shorebird that commands entire beaches to be shut down to allow for its undisturbed breeding. Did you know that the dunes and marshes of Far Rockaway are also home to the Yellow Crown Night Heron? How about the ring-necked pheasant? Probably not.  Did you know that Rockaway is home to a 4,000 square foot brewery? Did you know that the Arverne East development plans to include a new 10,000 square foot brewery and a 60,000 square foot boutique hotel? Probably. For...

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Wellness Appreciated

 Dear Editor: I want to thank Katie McFadden for her beautiful article about NurtureU Wellness as they celebrated their fifth anniversary. My experience at NurtureU Wellness has brought me a new life. In August of 2020, I was diagnosed with Lymphedema that affected my left leg.  This was a result of a traumatic injury followed by a major surgery. Not a common result but a possible one. My life had changed and my doctor, a vascular surgeon suggested I find a therapist who was trained in Lymphatic Drain Massage to help ease this condition. My daughters started a search for someone to help me....

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Well Done

 Dear Editor: Congratulations on the first-rate Rockaway Summer Guide. I read it from cover to cover and appreciate all the information in it. I am just here for the summer and appreciate all the new things, etc. I will also patronize as many of the advertisers as I can. The cover of the magician on the beach was an inspired choice and even though the weekend weather was not friendly, I too believe “the magic is back.” Pat McNally

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Covid Memories

 Dear Editor: Can you remember all the way back to March 2020, when the world was made aware of the Covid 19 virus? Immediately, our country was shut down, businesses closed, restaurants, bars, retail stores, and houses of worship. Schools were closed and students had to do remote learning. Many of us had to work from home, in fact some are still working from home as the companies that they work for no longer want to pay for office space. Most of the population was at home with nowhere to go. Many ordered their groceries online, and also ordered their meals online from the few restaurants that...

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What Beach?

 Dear Editor: The City has failed us, The Rockaways, again. This weekend is the start of the beach season. It is a time when people throughout the City come there to enjoy our beaches. But by the Beach 97 and Beach 86 concession stands and areas, there is no beach at high tide. The City is now receiving between $300,000 and $453,777 each year from Rockaway Beach Bazaar LLC, the company now running the three concessions along the boardwalk. Queens Borough President, how many people will come back to our beaches and enjoy the food, drink and entertainment at those concession stands when there...

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Dear Editor: Many of us are lucky to call this beautiful peninsula “home.” Do you leave garbage all over your home? I don’t think so. Yet each time I visit the beach, I find myself picking up other people’s trash. When you visit the beach, it should be left cleaner than how you found it. Let’s make an effort this summer to do just that. When you are packing the wagon up with your cooler and beach chairs, throw in a couple garbage bags, too. If we all make an effort together, we can keep our beaches beautiful! Thomas J McVeigh

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What A Waste

 Dear Editor: Last weekend I was shocked twice. You know the big container near CVS for secondhand clothes and shoes? On Saturday evening I saw a big plastic box with food near this container. There were 20-25 cans of canned vegetables, peas, beans and lentils. On Sunday evening at the same place, I saw two big plastic bags. In one of them were five packs of rice and 20-25 cans of the same canned goods. The other bag was much (maybe twice) bigger. In it were many packs of oatmeal (at least ten), the same canned goods and juice, but much more than in the first bag. In our newspaper I very often...

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A Man vs. The Political Machine

Dear Editor: In my first editorial, I stated I would cast my June 22nd Republican primary ballot for Steve Sirgiovanni for New York City Council, City Council District 32. It was a blow to the gut, after so many people showed their support for this candidate, that the powers that be would do everything in their power to prevent him from representing you. I am proud to say that I still intend to vote for Steve on June 22nd. While you may have heard there was no longer a Republican primary, allow me to tell you the facts. A New York appellate court has unanimously overturned an attempt by the...

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More Pro and Con

 Dear Editor: I would like to “second” Dr. Paez’s comments in last week’s paper. Politics and national media have corrupted the discussion of science to such a great degree that it is hard to tell whether the letters criticizing Doctor Galvin are driven by a difference of opinion or partisanship. For much of 2020, people who did not toe the official dogma regarding COVID-19, masks and vaccines were berated with the slogan Believe Science. I even saw it on a heart-shaped sign that was nailed to a Rockaway telephone pole. CNN and other news outlets used Believe Science as a hammer against any...

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