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The most amazing thing about life is love. In all of its forms, shapes, intensities and colors.  The symbol of love is the heart shape and contained within this is compassion, gratitude, generosity and forgiveness. Compassion: acting in genuine concern for others, Gratitude: acknowledging blessings, showing appreciation and kindness. Generosity: giving on a grand scale in a quiet way. Forgiveness: freeing oneself of dissatisfactions and resentments and shifting to overcome These are tall orders but in my experience definitely able to bring about.  Having the intention to be compassionate, to...

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 If you are feeling a bit stuck and tired of the same old thing, I can assure you, you are not alone. The good thing is we are now in February, that much closer to spring and summer.  As I write this column, we are in a winter storm and I know how lucky I am to be in a warm, cozy home. My heart goes out to the essential workers who continue to plow through work every day, regardless of weather, Covid, or anything else that makes it difficult to go to work. Please know we are forever grateful for your selfless service. As I look out my window, there is a gentleman making a pass with his snow...

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Meet Yourself Where You Are

  “Meet yourself where you are,” was the beginning message in my most recent yoga class. I thought about imparting the message of enjoying the class rather than judging what one can do or cannot do, or silently grunting when there is a pose not particularly a favorite, or whatever the edge might have been.  This can be applied to most anything we do. How do I feel today – physically, mentally, emotionally? Strong? Tender? Energetic? Weaker than usual? Fatigued? Powerful? Happy?  The list goes on. Taking some full deep breaths helps to quiet the mind allowing for the answer to that question...

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Be A Mirror Of Goodness

“If you had a few days to live who would you contact and why aren’t you doing that now?” Steven Levine. Wise words of wisdom to help guide us in living a purposeful and meaningful life. Appreciating the people in your life and letting them know you care about them. Being a positive influence in someone’s life, perhaps helping to lift someone’s spirit by a simple call, gift or visit. This past week I lost my beautiful, soulful, strong and resilient Uncle Willie at the young age of 97 years. He died from Covid-19. He was an immigrant from Ireland who came over on a ship and settled in Maryland...

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As I write this, it is day 10 of 365. Somewhere around day three, I started bringing “make every day count” to my morning contemplations. Time seems to be flying and I felt a need to name things that I do rather than the days being blurry falling one into the next. I realized that asking the question in the morning, “what can I do today that will nourish my wellbeing and fulfill this intention to make every day count?” was a way to get there.  Manifesting that something and then acknowledging it at the end of the day or before sleep makes our lives count. It can be actions very small or very...

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So many words come to my mind as I think of our past year and the upcoming 2021! Adaptability is at the top of my list. Being able to flow with the changes. Resilience, patience, compassion and love are significant words that have become our mantra. Grateful is an emotion that overcomes me as I write my column. I am grateful for my family, friends and Ocean Bliss Yoga community. There has been a huge disconnect in human connection and I feel blessed that my business partner, Paulette, and I had the persistence to set up virtual yoga for our studio. Never in a million years did we think we would...

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Grace. Balance. Strength

“The wisdom voice says: ‘Be still. Take time for what is truly important.’ Imagine yourself diving, leaving behind an untidy trail of what’s not needed. I cast aside worry, which has never brought me anything even remotely useful. I let go of doubt, and all the countless ways I tie myself in knots. Scattered behind me like discarded clothes are old beliefs, selfish agendas, my fixed and false identities, attachment to particular results. Weightless, and miraculously free, my eyes shine with wonder and enthusiasm. The wisdom voice says: ‘There is always time enough for joy.’” – Danna Faulds As...

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From Dark To Light

Lately, inspirational thoughts do not flow so effortlessly for me. I find myself having to pause and slow down more frequently. I am retreating more within my home finding comfort inside. As I write this column, it is winter solstice. A very special one in the planetary world. Saturn and Jupiter will come within degrees of one another. It will never happen like this again in our lifetime. Energies of Jupiter and Saturn illustrate this dance of yin and yang. Jupiter is said to represent growth and expansion. Saturn is discipline and commitment. It can also be resistance. Polarities will meet...

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The Season of Light

When I learned about the inner “chakras” – energy centers – that spiral around the spine up through the crown of the head, the color for the heart one, “anahata,” was taught as “green with a pink center.” I love this color description as I imagine the light within each of us to originate in this pink center and emanate forward binding us all in a thread of light.  This is the season of light, starting in November with the festival of lights and continuing with the season upon us. The “light” times signify the victory of light over darkness, good over evil, knowledge over ignorance,...

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