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Dear Editor: It is most unfortunate that the bureaucrats that are running our response to COVID-19 decided to halt the use of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine because of six cases of a rare blood clot in the brain that might be linked to the vaccine. There were six cases out of nearly seven million doses of the vaccine. The blood clot rate is actually lower than the known rate in the general population. Recall that prior to Election Day last year, Democratic pols including Biden, Harris, Cuomo, and de Blasio opined that a vaccine could not be developed in the time Trump said it would be. Then,...

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MLB-Major League Blunder

Dear Editor: When MLB went political and moved the Baseball All-Star Game from Atlanta to Denver, they proved two things. 1) MLB does not care about fans, and businesses. 2) They had no problem converging Sports with Politics. This was a calculated blunder which will be felt for years. Many business owners in Atlanta feel that ROB Manfred (commissioner) of MLB made a quick knee-jerk reaction to legislation passed by both state houses in Georgia. Voter ID was one of the main components of this legislation. The liberals, in congress, along with Stacey Abrams, and President Joe Biden spearheaded...

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MTA: Help

Dear Editor: Who wants to spend the money and time to travel back and forth and pay for something you should be able to get at your local train station? I realize a cut back for services because of COVID may have been necessary but not any longer for seniors! For some other reason, the A line train stations in this area no longer provide a transfer of the balance on an expiring Senior Metro Card to the new Senior Metro Card. Give the ability back to the individual stations to provide this service or provide service via a Metro Card van that should be made available in Ozone Park, Howard Beach,...

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Why Not Here

Dear Editor: It’s unfortunate that so many people from Rockaway choose to politicize mask wearing.  It has really soured me to going out enjoying the boardwalk when no one wears masks and absolutely no signage acknowledging we are in a pandemic. I visited Bethany Beach, Delaware and signs all over. Rockaway should follow suit. Patricia Hickey

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Opposing Views

Dear Editor:   With all the silencing of voices, I appreciate reading opposing views. Many in the medical and scientific fields were absolutely censored for not towing the Fauci (who has made a career out of being wrong) lockdown line. Dr. Galvin’s view is shared by many. It seemed obvious by last April that people of a certain age and certain health issues should have been protected. Everybody else should have been back to work with some precautions. The CDC just released, “it is fine to regularly use water and soap or detergent to clean surfaces, as there is ‘little scientific...

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Doc Dismay

Dear Editor: I was dismayed if not surprised to see your pages (Ask The Doc, 4/1/2021) advocating for the debunked wackadoodle science of the Great Barrington Declaration, which advocated for a “herd immunity” solution to COVID-19 rather than any measures that might actually save people’s lives. It might be relevant to let your readers know that the Declaration was funded by a Charles Koch-backed think tank network that’s also behind other bold scientific research such as “climate change isn’t real,” “burning coal for power is totally fine,” or “tobacco is harmless.” Despite the seemingly impressive...

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Dear Editor:

Dr. Galvin’s “Leery On Lockdowns” column has quite a few specious arguments. To start with, compare Australia and England. Australia has a strict lockdown policy and approximately zero cases. England, which twice attempted to be almost “open up” saw cases skyrocket. And the evidence in much of Europe is similar. But the best example is China’s almost complete elimination of the virus without any vaccine. The first warning about the logic, or lack of it, in Dr. Galvin’s article appears when he tells us the source of his information. The American Enterprise...

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116th Needs Help

Dear Editor: While on 116th Street recently, I noticed the deplorable condition of what was once The Lawrence Hotel. The roof looks like it’s going to slide right off onto the sidewalk. I think the building should be condemned and demolished. I know it’s well over one hundred years old. Parts of the roof are breaking away and angling onto the street. And with summer due in a few months and more people heading to the beach, it could prove dangerous. Eventually I think 116th Street will cease as a commercial strip and become all residential, as we have two condos with more on the way. There are...

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MLB Leads

Dear Editor: For 100 years after the Civil War, the United States denied citizens of color equal rights. Lynching was common. Schools, buses and restaurants were segregated. Intimidation, poll taxes and discriminatory literacy tests kept most Black citizens in the south from voting. All elected members of congress and senators from the south were white Democrats. While there were outstanding black players in the Negro League, no major league team would sign any. In 1947, Branch Rickey, owner of the Brooklyn Dodgers signed Jackie Robinson. The Dodgers went on to win the National League pennant...

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