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Mill Basin Day Camp: Summer Paradise for Kids

As soon as you enter Mill Basin Day Camp, you know you’re in for a treat.  With four slides connecting to an outdoor pool bigger than most backyards, dozens or colorful rooms where different activities take place, basketball courts and more, it could make any adult jealous of the kids that get to spend their summer days there. Located just over the Marine Parkway Bridge and behind El Caribe (5945 Strickland Avenue) in Mill Basin, Mill Basin Day Camp is a hidden gem that is a discovered treasure for the more than 1,600 children that attend each summer. With a place so close to home that offers...

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A Writer’s Road. Famed Writer Speaks To The Rockaway Times

 Terence Winter knows how to tell a story.  And he’s been recognized for that ability.  Four Emmy Awards, a Golden Globe, an Edgar (as in Allan Poe, presented by the Mystery Writers of America), and numerous others.  Even if his name doesn’t quite ring a bell you know his work.  Those awards? They come your way when you write stuff like The Sopranos, Boardwalk Empire and The Wolf of Wall Street. But how he got to Hollywood is a story unto itself. As the youngest of five children in a working-class family from Marine Park, Brooklyn, Winter went with the flow during his teen years. He attended...

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Parent-Teacher Conference: Your Rights and Responsibilities

The last parent-teacher conferences of the year for public school children are scheduled for the week of May 10.  This can be a stressful time for both teachers and parents, especially if a child is struggling and in danger of failing.  It is at this conference that parents will be advised if their child’s promotion to the next grade is doubtful. It is very important for a parent to know their rights and the rights of their child.  Each child who resides in NYC, whether a student at a public or non-public school, has the same rights.  One of the most important of these is the right of a parent...

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 David Greenspan was a pied-piper of sorts, a pedagogical magician, and if you attended his funeral last week, you’d swear you were paying homage to a celebrity or a prince. Hundreds of mourners packed West End Temple and, in addition to the rabbi’s praise and the beautiful words of his sisters, he was eulogized in one way or another by family members, former classmates, colleagues and friends who commented informally on David’s goodness, in and out of the classroom. David Greenspan began teaching teaching at PS 114 in September of 2015, and in a few months magically transformed the lives of...

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Women of the Peninsula: Diane Liello and Gerri Stansky of Strands Hair Salon

 Who runs the peninsula? Women. A large number of local businesses and organizations are owned and operated by females. And they deserve recognition. As part of an ongoing series, the Rockaway Times is profiling local female entrepreneurs each week. This week is Diane Liello and Gerri Stansky, owners of Strands Hair Salon in Rockaway Park.  In need of a special look for communion, prom or wedding season, or maybe just a spring spruce up? The ladies of Strands invite you to let your hair down and let them fix it up. Both Diane Liello and Gerri Stansky bring about three decades of experience with...

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BOOM!  Important Changes to Estate and Gift Tax Laws

 In March of 2014, New York State enacted legislation, Chapter 59, which resulted in significant changes to the state’s estate and gift tax laws. These changes were important because they had a potential effect on estate plans already in place and estate planning moving forward. Effective April 1, 2016 the New York State estate tax filing threshold will be $4,187,500 for New York State residents passing on or after that date. Many people reading this article may feel that these estate tax changes do not apply to them given the seemingly high threshold for filing a return. It is important, however,...

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On The Road With Rover And Rosa. Part 2 – Honeymoon Lao-Style (Adventure tale)

In Part 1 I mentioned some of the great day trips you can take in Laos, so let me tell you about the adventure that I got us into. We wanted to do something authentic and maybe challenging after spending the first 4 days in the mellow Luang Prabang bubble, so I signed us up for a 2-day tour that included an overnight homestay in a local village. We signed up for a trek at one of the storefront agencies that dot the main strip walking home from dinner, and just like that we had plans to set off the next morning. The itinerary included an intermediate 5 hour trek to the village on day 1, homestay...

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 The NYC Department of Transportation (DOT) is out of control. Since Mayor de Blasio gave Commissioner Trottenberg permission last year to ignore communities when Vision Zero is involved, DOT has been steamrolling their proposals without community participation. Examples are traffic changes necessitating the rerouting of the Q54 in Woodhaven and the B36 in Sheepshead Bay. Rockaway may be next. The Sheepshead Bay community overwhelmingly rejected DOT’s proposals last June, and today, they are reality. DOT is once again asking us just to trust them that their proposals will make streets safer...

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Your Rockaway Garden. Grow Your Own Bouquet

When we think of getting a bouquet of flowers our thoughts normally turn to going to a florist or a corner deli to pick up a pre-made arrangement that may or may not have our favorite flowers. They tend to be pricey so we wind up only enjoying flowers on special occasions. This summer is going to change all that because with my tips and tricks for growing beautiful flowers for cuttings, you’ll be growing and designing your own flower arrangements throughout the summer into fall. My first piece of advice is that you don’t have to have a separate space to grow your flowers. In fact, your garden...

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