The best market penetration in Rockaway. We publish more copies than any newspaper in Rockaway. It’s a FREE paper reaching more people than any other newspaper on the west end of Rockaway.

We deliver door to door in the most affluent neighborhoods and make the paper available at more than 70 locations, including in nearby Brooklyn. We also make our papers available with more than 10 news racks in busy locations.

Competitive Rates: We’ll say! Our cost per thousand is a bargain compared to newspapers of our size and reach.

We’re a weekly. Your ad will seem as fresh as our content. Your ad will be available all week long. is updated continuously and like the paper, it’s free! We promote ourselves and advertisers on Facebook and Twitter and Youtube (we make videos, too).



Circulation: 10,000-12,000

Readership is over 20,000


We now deliver by email, too. We send the full version of the paper in a PDF to more than 3000 people. The “open rate” is more than double the industry average.


Website/Social Media. Our website attracts more than 50,000 visitors per month. We have thousands following us on Instagram and Twitter and our Facebook page has more than 5000 Likes.


Areas include:


RockawayRockaway Beach, Belle Harbor, Breezy Point, Arverne, Broad Channel, Far Rockaway – (Zip codes: 11697, 11694, 11693, 11692, 11691)


Brooklyn - Marine Park - 11234


Readership Demographics of the top three zip codes we deliver to: (11694, 11697, 11693 – info on other areas available upon request)



Population: 21,241

Median Age: 45.6

Median Income: $69,600

Consumer Spend: $503 MM

Consumer Spend ($/HH): $58,648



Population: 4,160

Median Age: 49.9

Median Income: $87,500

Consumer Spend: $117 MM

Consumer Spend ($/HH): $66,515




Population: 12,614

Median Age: 38.8

Median Income: $54,300

Consumer Spend: $238 MM

Consumer Spend ($/HH): $47,263


We hand deliver to some locations and The Rockaway Times IS OFFERED FREE and is available for pickup at:


  • High Volume Retail Establishments
  • Office buildings
  • Co-op buildings and Condos
  • Libraries
  • Restaurants
  • Schools
  • Subway stations
  • News Racks Throughout the peninsula


Recognition and Credibility


We are already an award winning newspaper. In just it first year, The Rockaway Times was honored by the New York Press Association for its Special Sandy edition.


Publisher and editor-in chief Kevin Boyle has won numerous awards at the annual New York Press Association convention.

The Rockaway Times is recognized by other media thereby bolstering its brand. The New York Times, The Daily News and The NY Observer have written articles about us. We are featured weekly on Time Warner’s NY1 In The Newspapers segment.

Our stories have been picked up by The Washington Post, New York Post, CBS-TV, Fox-News and many other media outlets.



The Rockaway Times got us the best response we’ve ever had in Rockaway.

-Peri Robinson, Loconsolo, Paint Store of Avenue U, Brooklyn


Your upbeat tone in the paper is making a difference! We’re getting new customers all the time because people love The Rockaway Times! We’ll be advertising for a long time!

-Helen Kilgallen, Ocean Bliss Yoga, Rockaway Park, Queens


Display Ad Information -- All ads are COLOR

  • Formats: PDF, PSD, JPG, INDD, AI, (300dpi)
  • Ads Email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Ad Dimensions


FULL PAGE 8.75" w x 11.5" d

HALF HORIZONTAL 8.75" w x 5.6875" d

HALF VERTICAL 4.313" w x 11.5" d

QUARTER 4.313" w x 5.6875" d

EIGHTH 4.313" w x 2.78125" d



Ad Rates – One time: Color


Full Page: $600

Half: $350

Quarter: $200

Eighth: $100


Discount Rates


4-8 consecutive weeks:


Full Page: $550

Half: $325

Quarter: $175

Eighth: $75


9 weeks + (consecutive)


Full page: $525

Half page: $300

Quarter: $150

Eighth: $70