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Boyleing Points

A brother who will remain nameless was thankful I didn’t include Vikings on my list of favorite bingeable series. He couldn’t get past Gabriel Byrne’s hairpiece in Episode 1 and bailed.

A very un-Viking thing to do. I just took the hairpiece as another form of armor.

Vikings was actually recommended to me by the son who will remain nameless and because I was trying to stay on his good side, I stuck with it. And then got hooked. I’ve finished six seasons and can’t wait for more. 

The show is an original from the History Channel, which makes it seem legit but that’s the same channel that has a guy on steroids chasing ghosts, so I dunno.

In any case, all I knew about Vikings was they were the first real estate scammers. They named a huge block of ice, Greenland. And they hated DFDs so they named an amazing place, Iceland.

 I was warned the show had some mysticism sprinkled in the storyline that covered tribal politics, upheaval, invasion and general mayhem (these guys were the original pillagers and pilferers).  But mysticism? Groan. 

Mysticism makes me roll my eyes and I’ve discovered it’s hard to watch the telly when you roll your eyes. We’re already in a make-believe world. We’re watching actors, probably in front of green screens, doing all sort of unbelievable stuff.  Adding mysticism is overkill. Same thing with dreams in movies. I’m suspending belief already, now you’re gonna say it was all a dream?  No. I’ll give you The Wizard of Oz was a great movie built on a dream. That’s it. Total Recall was pretty cool, but I don’t know if that was a dream.

Thankfully, in Vikings, the out-there stuff is pretty much limited to a seer, a disfigured dude who hints at the future. Though, six seasons in, and he hasn’t said jack about any homeless shelters.

So, nameless brother is wrong; I’m right. Vikings is good.

A friend recommended Fauda.  It’s an Israeli – Palestine conflict thriller, along the lines of Homeland. Fauda is pretty good but I’m not putting my rep on the line. I will identify my friend if enough people tell me they hate it.

Fauda is like Beach Channel Drive. There are some serious potholes to get past — the biggest one is that it’s dubbed. It’s not Godzilla Versus Mothra bad but it does take some getting used to. A couple of times characters seem to turn into ventriloquists. Their lips and mouth stop moving but their voices keep going.

I mentioned this to my friend who insisted it’s not dubbed. It’s dubbed, though technology seems to have helped. It’s not like you expect Raymond Burr to make an appearance. C’mon, you remember Raymond Burr in the Japanese monster movies, don’t you?

Fauda is a decent fill-in while you wait for a great one.

Not great, but pretty good is Russian Doll. I hated the first episode but I think it was only 28 minutes so I tried Episode 2 to see if my hatred was justified. Episode 2 was pretty good, so I had to go to Episode 3 for the rubber match. Three was good and I was in. It’s a cross between Groundhog Day and Sliding Doors.

Oh, and True Detective, Season Three?  It went from kind of a snore to a waste of time.

Case closed.

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