Dear Editor:

(In response to A Different Kind of Rescue) I was one of a few lucky beach goers who watch this "rescue" unfold. Without any whistles blowing or rushing towards the ocean, Brian Gillen and Carol Rappaport, slowly and cautiously approach the surf and methodically navigated the waves. What was so touching was the apparent strong bond between the two of them - the love/respect of the ocean and their trust and caring for one another. Brian humbly demonstrated his dedication to his friend of many years and Carol, aged 91, proudly showed us that age is simply a number!

It was a beautiful experience to behold and one that everyone can find inspiring!

Janet Stokin



Dear Editor:

(In response to Ask the Doc) Disappointed that supplements were dismissed at a time when supporting our immune systems is vital, while being expected to take emergency DNA injections.

Using one agency as the source of disparaging supplements at the time that Senator Durbin is trying to pass a law that would mandate supplements to become prescription drugs appears to show a conflict in the industry.

Healing through less expensive supplements and off patent generic drugs may not

 Dear Editor:

 In regards to the beautifully written recent piece, In The Good Old Summertime, writer Jean Caligiuri McKenna truly captured the essence of teenage life in post-war Rockaway.

 Through the selfless sharing of her own personal experiences and touching stylings, the reader is transported to a time of summer fun and first crushes which likely still hold a place in the hearts of every girl still residing in Rockaway. And I’m sure the boys remember those girls well!

For the rest of

 Dear Editor:

 Public Safety is at the forefront of Tom Sullivans’ 2022 Campaign. With the passage of “No-Cash Bail” tucked away in a budget vote in the State government, citizens of our city and state barely had a say in its passage, how’s that for transparency? I would strongly argue that the passage of bail elimination for certain crimes has proven dangerous for the people of Queens and our City as a whole.

Tom Sullivan is running for New York State's 23rd Assembly District, which

 Dear Editor:

 I’ve just thoroughly enjoyed another beautifully written ode to nostalgia by Jean Caligiuri McKenna (“In the Good Old Summertime,” July 14, 2022). The opening and closing paragraphs, alone, are gems. The warmth of treasured memories is gifted to us in elegant phrasing, and I don’t think that she can write a bad sentence. Each article not only conveys her personal sentiments but also, not far beneath the surface, some valuable social history. It might be a worthy project someday

 Dear Editor:

Good article on the Nocebo Effect (Ask the Doc), where patients can create their dire symptoms psychologically through fear of known side effects. Death is also recorded as a possibility. This is the reason that no medical intervention should be made mandatory and to strictly enforce the right to self-determination.

Joseph Mugivan



Dear Editor:

Many thanks to our NYC Councilwoman Joann Ariola for scheduling the MTA Metro bus to come to Rockaway.

It was not only a big help me and to the other numerous people who took advantage of its various services.

Fran Stathis





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