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Dear Editor:

My name is Mia Capasso and you published my work one week ago on January 2. I am one of the students in the Creative Writing Club at PS/MS114. Once I saw my creative writing teacher, Mrs. Diehl, walk into my writing classroom I was giddy, because I saw tucked into the crook of her arm, the latest edition of The Rockaway Times. She looked over at me with a grin. "You did it," she exclaimed, pulling me over towards a desk in the front of the room. She flipped hastily through the pages as my fellow classmates gathered around to see what the commotion was about. Finally, she took her hands away from the paper and my jaw dropped. There in the upper corner was my name, Mia Capasso, in bold. I felt overjoyed as I squealed like a little kid on Christmas morning, "Yay,Yay,YAY!" I started jumping up and down and continued until my thighs were sore. Mrs. Diehl had a huge smile and asked if she could get a hug. I hugged her and skipped back to my seat with the biggest grin plastered across my face. It stretched like a rubber band from ear to ear. I felt amazing and for that I thank you all for giving up pages of the newspaper for free to publish the students’ work at PS/MS114 and making me and many other students feel special. The joy I felt when seeing my name in the newspaper couldn't compare to anything else. That paper made my year! What a way to start 2020!                                           

Mia Capasso

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