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Dear Editor:

This has been a real beach summer. Warm, sunny days perfect for sand and surf. However, this beach-going observer has seen some very poor behavior demonstrated by some of our fellow Rockaway residents.

The rules of social distancing apply even on the sand. But, repeatedly, I’ve watched as large groups plop themselves on top of others, usually singles or couples, with no respect for the six feet rule. In all cases, people were bullied into moving in order to make room for the groups. With the entire beach at their disposal, these people feel the need to occupy someone else’s little space, causing both an annoyance and a very unhealthy situation.

I realize that we live in a very uncivil society right now, but the lack of caring, understanding, ethics, and morals is more than disturbing. And these are not DFDs. These folks are our neighbors and friends. The virus is not a Democratic hoax, and the good people of Rockaway should do what they can to prevent it from spreading. Instead, many seem to not give a damn, either for themselves or for anyone else.

With the summer on the wane, I appeal to everyone to act civilly and intelligently. Social distancing will go a long way to keeping you healthy and alive. And while you’re at it, you will be showing some respect for your neighbors on the beach.

Burton J. Glass, MD

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