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Dear Editor:

Almost in each issue of The Rockaway Times we have letter or article about "the lawlessness” on the boardwalk with its "dangerous mix" of people riding bikes and being careless. I would like to contribute to this chronicle.

Have you ever seen a group of teens riding their bike on rear wheels in the middle of the boardwalk? I have seen this many times. Two weeks ago, such a group was passing by, and one teen lost his balance and almost hit me. It was a few inches between us. At the last minute, he regained his balance and I was "saved."

One week ago, I headed to the exit from the boardwalk at Beach 67th Street. Suddenly I had to scream "an idiotI" One lady-sprinter almost hit me. I do not know who is an idiot: me or her. I made a too sharp turn, or she was speeding. Or maybe we both were idiots.

 I am 75 years old and my bones are really fragile. Maybe I should not to go to the boardwalk at all?

L. Klavtsen



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