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 Dear Editor:

 We live on a barrier beach. At mean high water, our streets are at best, three to four feet above sea level. Anyone who has lived here for a while knows that we get street flooding at times of unusually high tides. NYC in its infinite wisdom is re-doing Beach Channel Drive. What I just found out, and what many residents may not know, is that they are LOWERING BCD by seven to 10 inches! The project engineer knocked on my door a few days ago to tell me this. I told her that would cause more street flooding. She shrugged her shoulders. Oh, and she added that they would be removing half of my new driveway that I just installed last year because its end would be 7 to 10 inches higher than the new sidewalk. Plus, we will have no access to our driveway for at least two weekends. When I asked her where we are supposed to park our cars, her answer was another shoulder shrug. She said the city refused to give temporary parking placards to those who are displaced from their own driveways. Whoever designed this project knows nothing about Rockaway nor gives a damn about its citizens. Where are the people we elected to represent and protect us?

Peter Galvin

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