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Dear Editor:

  With all the silencing of voices, I appreciate reading opposing views. Many in the medical and scientific fields were absolutely censored for not towing the Fauci (who has made a career out of being wrong) lockdown line. Dr. Galvin's view is shared by many. It seemed obvious by last April that people of a certain age and certain health issues should have been protected. Everybody else should have been back to work with some precautions.

The CDC just released, "it is fine to regularly use water and soap or detergent to clean surfaces, as there is ‘little scientific support for routine use of disinfectants in community settings, whether indoor or outdoor, to prevent SARS-CoV-2 transmission from fomites.’" That's an opposing conversation unheard by some a year ago, but not surprising to many.

Heck, I even liked the comment worthy of a paid off politician that China eliminated the virus with no vaccine.

Lisa Zoller

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