MLB-Major League Blunder

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Dear Editor:

When MLB went political and moved the Baseball All-Star Game from Atlanta to Denver, they proved two things. 1) MLB does not care about fans, and businesses. 2) They had no problem converging Sports with Politics. This was a calculated blunder which will be felt for years.

Many business owners in Atlanta feel that ROB Manfred (commissioner) of MLB made a quick knee-jerk reaction to legislation passed by both state houses in Georgia. Voter ID was one of the main components of this legislation. The liberals, in congress, along with Stacey Abrams, and President Joe Biden spearheaded this as they went on the media, and said: Voter ID is racist. HELLO!!!! Don’t we just about need ID for everything we do? So how can they call it Racist???? Also, the businesses that boycotted were led by bad, and exaggerated information from the White House. Shame on these corporations for not being more diligent in their reaction. Did they read the legislation at all??? MY ADVICE: Corporate leaders, and politicians, should stay in their lane, and don't infect a great sport—and just maybe baseball could use a new Commissioner.

Bill Dickesheid

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