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 Dear Editor:

While stuck at home during the pandemic, I developed a bad habit. I watch the ABC evening local and national news. Conservatives like the late Rush Limbaugh have long accused the mainstream media of being biased toward the left. I often hear the ABC reporters inject editorializing comments like "outrageous," and recognizing this bias, I ignore it. But this past Monday evening, ABC crossed the line, in my opinion. They led with a story that the Johnson & Johnson Covid vaccine may be linked with 100 cases of Guillain-Barre syndrome (GBS) in those who received the J&J vaccine. That is, 100 cases out of 13,000,000 vaccines given. The CDC is investigating the cases as possibly linked to the vaccination, but even if there is a link, the risk of getting GBS from the vaccine is 0.0007%.

GBS has been linked to other vaccines over the years, including flu vaccine, albeit it at a minuscule risk. So, while NYC (you and me) pays for PSA ads on ABC telling people to get vaccinated, ABC chooses to lead its evening national news with a story designed to scare the crap out of those benighted people who refuse to get the vaccine. It makes me wonder who is making programming decisions at ABC, and why.

Dr. Peter Galvin 

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