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Dear Editor:

Beginning in March 2020, the way Americans shop has really changed. The Covid 19 virus has made many of us on-line shoppers. Of course, shopping for groceries is very necessary, for many groups of people (Elderly, people that don’t drive, people that have health issues, people that don’t have time to shop, people that would rather not be in a crowded supermarket). Online grocery shopping will always be a way of life for those who need it. has doubled the value of their company, since Covid 19 began. Most Americans during this time had become Amazon Prime Members. The only problem with this is most of the products you order are from China, or some 3rd World Country. The quality of the goods are often inferior. By shopping this way, only one company benefits financially. We should all try to be a little more creative and give business to American companies.

GO TO: MADEINAMERICA.COM There are hundreds of U.S. companies that will sell you goods manufactured in the U.S.A.  Thank you,

Bill Dickesheid

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