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 Dear Editor:

(Sent to Gerald Walsh, CEO St John’s Episcopal Hospital)

I am writing this letter to acknowledge the incredible care I received at St John’s Episcopal Hospital’s Emergency Room. I had misfortune of taking a fall last week that required surgery to my arm to repair some tendon damage. After arriving home following the surgery, I had an allergic reaction to the anesthesia sending me into anaphylaxis shock. After several unsuccessful attempts to reach the Surgical Center Orvis and Cohen for assistance I reached out to my PCP Victoria Backus who instructed me to get to the Emergency Room at St John’s immediately as my throat was closing off blocking my breathing. The incredible team of doctors and nurses at the St John’s ER had me in a room and intubated and on a ventilator within five minutes of arrival allowing me to breath.

We have all heard stories of the care available to us in the only hospital on the peninsula some good, some bad. I can only speak for myself. I received first class care in both the ER and the main hospital for my short stay at St John’s that ultimately saved my life.

Thank you, St John’s staff, I don’t have all he names but you know who you are. Thanks for the great work.

Ricky O’Neill


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