Surprise Attack

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 Dear Editor:

 Good morning!  IT WAS NOT!  Tuesday September 7. We were already a little bummed out that our summer was over, save the lifeguards being on duty until Sunday September 12, thank goodness for that.

Then the bulldozers arrived. 8 a.m.  Unannounced. Started tearing apart and levelling the sand dunes and sand grass with extraordinary speed - center line 116th Street, then to the east and west.

Who told us? Why, or should I add, why weren't we forewarned? So much for democracy. Do you think they could have waited another week or two? And outlined the strategy to the affected blocks-to -be? This is truly a surprise attack, and in my opinion ugly and kind of vindictive.

Advance notices in the paper, as well as some signs posted on the boardwalk would surely have been in line and greatly appreciated, instead of the Shell Shock we are experiencing.

Not much else to add except this is yet another ugly numbing bully tactic imposed on the Rockaway residents, who are in a huge way kind, gentle and understanding.

See you in June 2022 when they will make an excuse that they couldn't finish on time.

Glenn Lawson

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